UFC 266: The Return of Nick Diaz

The return of Nick Diaz has been a long time coming.

After over six years away from competition, Stockton’s favourite son makes his long-awaited, triumphant return at UFC 266, against Robbie Lawler. The rematch that’s been 17 years in the making was unquestionably the fight to make for his return. But now that the day is nearly upon us, questions are starting to be raised on what Diaz we are going to get.

In a sport where you’re only considered as good as your last fight, the question is, when your last fight was over six years ago like Diaz’s was, does this principle still apply? In his last fight against Anderson Silva, although he didn’t win, Diaz still looked pretty good. His output wasn’t as high as it usually is, but the reasoning behind that is likely more of a stylistic issue against the counter puncher more than it being about Diaz’s ability to dish it out.

Then there’s the last minute weight change ahead of this one. And the first fight between Diaz and Lawler, back at UFC 47.

The fight against Lawler was so early in both fighter’s careers, it’s of almost no use in predicting how the match-up will go in 2021. But if it is somehow some sort of indication on what we will get at UFC 266, we are in for one hell of a showing.

For more thoughts on the return of Nick Diaz, check out the video above!