DWCS 2021 Week 2 Breakdown and Predictions

Josh Quinlan
Josh Quinlan Credit: LFA

Week two of Dana White’s Contender Series is back to it’s regular docket of five fights. Although, being honest, having just four in the season opener didn’t impact the contract situation much! DWCS 2021 Week 1 saw, for the first time in series history, a losing fighter awarded a UFC contract. What’s in store for week two? Read on!

Welterweight: Logan Urban vs. Josh Quinlan

Tale of the Tape

Logan Urban
Cleveland, Ohio, US
Revolution Fight and Fitness
100% Finish-rate
Josh Quinlan
Las Vegas, Nevada, US
One Fight Team
100% Finish-rate

Pros and Cons

Logan Urban

  • Good knees
  • Dangerous muay thai clinch
  • Good kicks/Heavy kicks
  • Proficient striker
  • Dangerous counter striker
  • Good wrestling
  • Exceptional grappler


  • Will overreach/Open to being countered
  • Throws single strikes too often
  • Questionable chin

Josh Quinlan

  • Fast starter
  • Heavy hands
  • Chopping leg kicks
  • High guard
  • Nasty ground and pound
  • Good output


  • Lacks movement
  • Gets hit a little to much

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Quinlan
Speed: Urban
Output/Volume: Quinlan
Knockout Power: Quinlan
Chin: Quinlan
Kickboxing: Even
Footwork: Urban
Wrestling: Urban
Grappling: Urban
Submissions: Urban
Cardio: Even


This card took a hit when Darian Weeks had to pull out of this fight, but Urban is a wonderful replacement.

With Quinlan, it’s all violence for him as he’s always throwing and looking to finish. Urban is just as dangerous but more methodical in his approach. He can be a bit too patient at times but is such a dangerous counter striker. If you come in blind he will catch you. If you throw single strikes he will catch you. I would love to see Urban throw more combinations because when he does, he’s much more of a threat. Instead, he will throw power straights in just one strike. That opens the door for him to get countered and Quinlan is not someone to sleep on.

Urban does have a clearer path to victory in using his wrestling and grappling. I’m not sure it’s good enough to take Quinlan down however. Quinlan has decent takedown defense but is no slouch like the guys Urban has been fighting. I’m predicting this fight to stay on the feet and it’s going to be a matter of who catches who first. I’m siding with the more active and dangerous fighter in Quinlan. I won’t be surprised if Urban wins but he has to put it together and not wait on Quinlan to engage. If he waits to much he’s going to pay.