Chidi Njokuani Looks To Get Used To 170 Before Next Fight

Atlantic City – Snapping a losing streak was at the top of the list of goals for UFC welterweight Chidi Njokuani who took a split decision victory over Rhys McKee at UFC Atlantic City on Saturday night.

“Still good to get back in the win column after coming off of three losses so I’m happy with that,” Njokuani told reporters including Cageside Press at his post-fight scrum.

Njokuani (23-10) made his way back to the welterweight division after three consecutive losses at middleweight. The cut to 170 was aided by his work with nutritionists, but it’s still going to take time to acclimate to the division.

“I’m really trying to get used to this 170 pound division. I’ve been working with the PI a lot on my nutrition and getting my diet down so I just want to get comfortable being at this weight and get a little more disciplined,” he said.

“I think this last camp was my first camp in a long time that I was extremely disciplined so I just want to keep that going and then jump back into a fight a little later.”

“It was still tough because I’m a big 70 pounder, but with the nutrition team over at the PI it gave me a lot more confidence,” said Njokuani.

“It let me know that it was possible. Before I was just winging it.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Chidi Njokuani above.