PFL Playoffs 3: Bubba Jenkins Says Chris Wade Needs “to Keep My Name Out of His Mouth”


Ahead of the PFL Playoffs 3 card in Hollywood, FL, Bubba Jenkins had some bold predictions — and some strong words for featherweight semifinal opponent Chris Wade.

After stints in Bellator MMA and Brave CF, Jenkins made an immediate splash in the PFL this year, defeating two-time featherweight champ Lance Palmer, followed by UFC vet Bobby Moffett.

“I think I had one of the toughest roads, one of the harder roads,” Jenkins (16-4) told Cageside Press during Tuesday’s PFL Playoffs 3 media day, when asked about his path to the post-season. “If you look at all the opponents, with Bobby Moffet being a last-minute change and being such a formidable opponent, such a good, tough fighter, I think I had one of the tougher routes. I’m excited for the semifinals, for both sides of the bracket.”

Jenkins, who said he was in his “own zone” heading into Friday’s showdown with Wade, isn’t interested in his opponent’s history. “Even Chris Wade being ex-UFC, all these guys being ex-UFC, I could care less about where they’re from, I know where they’re at. And they’re in front of me.”

Earlier on Wednesday in his own media scrum, Wade had expressed disbelief about being the underdog in the fight. He suggested that the public was buying into Jenkins’ “persona” outside the cage.

“He need to keep my name out of his mouth, before I come snatch it out,” Jenkins said in response. “Because he’s got a lot to say about who I am and who the world thinks I am. I think when I touch him, he’ll realize why everyone thinks I’ll beat him, and why I know I’ll beat him.”

Jenkins had a similar tone when asked about the opposite side of the bracket, where breakout star Brendan Loughnane takes on Movlid Khaybulaev in the other featherweight semifinal.

“I’ll out-punch the Russian, I’ll out-wrestle the British. It don’t really matter,” exclaimed Jenkins. “If the British wants to come square, he’ll get smoked. He’ll get ran over in the wrestling too. If the Russian boy beats the striker, he’ll get run over in another field. I’m different. The wrestler’s not as good as the wrestler me, and the striker doesn’t hit as hard as I do. So either one of those guys are still going to be at the bottom of my fist. That’s just how I feel about it.”

Bubba Jenkins returns this Friday, August 27 at the PFL Playoffs 3 card in Hollywood, FL. You can watch his full media day appearance ahead of the event above.


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