Chris Gruetzemacher Says Win At UFC Vegas 33 Was More Than Just A Comeback Win

Las Vegas — Chris Gruetzemacher’s win over Rafa Garcia was more than just a bounce-back win; it was a bounce-back in his career.

The 1:46 second loss to Alexander Hernandez hit Gruetzmacher hard last year, and we finally have some insight about what went wrong and how much this recent win means to “Gritz.”

Cageside Press asked Gruetzmacher if his win over Garcia was a good bounce-back over his last performance during his post-fight interview.

“Well, yeah, obviously,” Gruetzmacher laughed. “But man, we try and not to make excuses but like, I tore my knee in 2018, and then tore my knee-ACL in the beginning of 2019, the pandemic happened, I moved to three different states, I went broke, um, literally had nobody. I didn’t train with anyone last fight. I didn’t train anybody; I didn’t train with anybody; I didn’t have a strength and conditioning coach. I literally did it all myself. I can add all the negative stuff, but I think that’s enough.”

“I would say this is not just a comeback win, but, man, everything outside of fighting is a comeback for me. My whole life is in a better spot before this fight. I had three- on paper, I didn’t have the most, but I had enough. I had quality. Today’s performance, I literally had one training partner, one strength and conditioning coach, and just had some really supportive, positive people around me, and that’s what made all the difference.”

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 22 veteran has only had six fights in the UFC since debuting in 2017. The the lack of activity is very frustrating.

“I don’t want to dwell on the past, but it has been frustrating. I feel like I could have done more, I could have been further, coulda, should, woulda, you know? So I don’t like that. I’m just happy and grateful for the experience I just had like this whole camp. This whole camp has been something brand new,” Gruetzmacher said.

As for what’s next, Gruetzmacher said he wants to return at the end of October or in December, and against someone that will further his career.

Watch the full UFC Vegas 33 post-fight press conference with Chris Gruetzmacher above.