Bellator 263: Brian Moore Wants Spot on Bellator Dublin Card in November

Los Angeles, CA — SBG Ireland’s Brian Moore went through multiple opponents before getting in the cage with Jordan “I’m Gonna” Winski at Bellator 263.

Winski did not, in fact, win the bout. Rather, Moore earned his third straight victory in the Bellator cage care of a unanimous decision, following what he called “a bit of a roller coaster week.”

“This was my third opponent of the week. A long flight to L.A., being away from my three girls, it was tough going, but we got the job done,” Moore said, speaking to media outlets including Cageside Press following the fight.

With the revolving cast of potential opponents, Moore admitted that he didn’t really have a game plan Saturday. “It was just go in and do me, because at the end of the day, I didn’t get to spar for this opponent, I didn’t get to really train for this opponent,” aside from a bit of work with his coaches, Moore noted.

“The Pikeman” is now gunning for a November return at home. In late July, the possibility of a Bellator Dublin show that month was floated, and Moore is all in.

“November. Dublin. I’m not missing that show,” Moore exclaimed. “I headlined that show against A.J. McKee in a very entertaining, very close fight, and I haven’t been able to compete [there] since with different injuries.” Now that he’s on a three-fight win streak, “it would mean the world to me to fight on the main card in Dublin in November,” Moore added.

Against who? Moore has plenty of ideas. “Oh my god. Every one of them,” was his reply. “On my radar, I’ve always wanted to fight Sergio Pettis. I know I’m a couple of fights away from that. There’s a lot of guys in the rankings. Cas Bell, he wouldn’t last one round with me. So why not him? I would put him away in 30 seconds.”

As for Saturday’s bout, Moore was impressed with the resilience of Jordan Winski. “The grappling exchange that we found ourselves in, I felt so superior in there that I didn’t really want to disengage.” The other half of his brain told him to get back to his bread and butter. “So when I was beating him up in round two and hitting him with those sharp elbows, I could feel the life go out of him. So when he did come back in round three with a bit more oomph, I was surprised. He’s a tough son of a b*tch, as you Yanks like to say.”

Watch the full Bellator 263 post-fight press scrum with Brian Moore above.