UFC Vegas 32: Adrian Yanez Says Fan Engagement On Social Media Is Very Important, Tells A Story Interacting With Jon Jones


Las Vegas, NV — Adrian Yanez has a rabid Twitter fanbase, and he thinks it’s important to talk interact with them, just like a former champion did with him.

On Wednesday, Cageside Press asked Yanez at UFC Vegas 32 media how important is it for him to be on social media and interact with his fans.

“Man, I feel like it’s really important, Yanez said. “Like, going back a little bit, I remember how it felt whenever a fighter reacted or responded to me when I was first getting onto the scene and had my first amateur fight. Like, I remember whenever a fighter responded to me, and that fighter was Jon “Bones” Jones. It wasn’t even the biggest tweet. It was just like, ‘oh man, that’s not cool.’ I still remember it.”

“I tweet at Jon Jones saying ‘Did Colin Cantrell say hi to you?’ and he said ‘No, that’s so not cool’ and I was like this is so, so amazing. I was like, so, it made my month because I was like the light heavyweight champ responded back to me, this is so cool, and it just put me over the top. Now that I’m in this position, like, I don’t even think I’m that high or loved by the fans; but now I realize I kind of am. I just had to respond back [to fans] because I remember how I felt. It made me feel amazing, and it made me feel a bigger connection whenever I saw Jon Jones fight.”

Yanez continued.

“I remember telling people, ‘He tweeted at me! He tweeted at me!’ So, I think that’s cool, and if I can do that for somebody else-how I felt that entire month, I’m 100% down to do it again.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 32 media day scrum with Adrian Yanez above.


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