Maycee Barber Relocated To California And Is Training At Team Alpha Male

Las Vegas, Vegas — Maycee Barber has finally found a gym to call home and has moved to California to make it happen.

Barber returns to action this Saturday against Miranda Maverick and is rejuvenated with a new fight camp and a new home – in California. The 23-year old tried to keep it a secret for most of her training camp by doing limited interviews and only posting on Instagram.

During UFC Vegas 32 media day, “The Future” confirmed to Cageside Press that she did her training camp at Team Alpha Male, located in Northern California.

“I did, including moving there,” Barber said when asked if she had done her training camp at Alpha Male.

“It’s been really good, you know, California is amazing. It’s super beautiful, and I got a good tan, but the team overall, you know, is a lot of motivated people. There are people that are trying to be at the top of the UFC, and there are also people who are trying to get into the UFC and in other big promotions. I feel like there are two different levels of hunger, but they’re both hunger.”

“You got people like I said, that are trying to get the belt, so they are already there and established so you can look up to them, but you also have the motivation of the person who is a little bit further behind from you and they are still as hungry. It’s a good perspective to see where you are and to see that there are other people out there that are grinding just as hard if not harder, so it motivates you a little bit more to get up every morning and grind that much harder.”

This isn’t the first time Barber has moved training camps; in fact, she has been to quite a few, which she acknowledges. However, she said that at this point in her career, she wants a place to call home, and that is what she has with Team Alpha Male.

Watch the full UFC Vegas 32 media day scrum with Maycee Barber above.