UFC Vegas 31: Rodolfo Vieira Says He’s Not In A Position to Choose Next Opponent

Las Vegas, NV — Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champ Rodolfo Vieira bounced back from the first loss of his career this past weekend. At UFC Vegas 31, Vieira displayed a well-rounded game, eventually submitting Dustin Stoltzfus with a rear-naked choke.

“I’m very happy with my performance,” Vieira told Cageside Press following the bout, speaking backstage at the UFC Apex, before adding “I’m kind of surprised with my performance, just keeping the fight on the feet. But everything went well, at the end I got a submission, take the back and choke. I’m definitely very happy for that performance.”

In particular, Vieira’s jab stood out Saturday. That, said Vieira, “is one thing I like to do a lot. I like to work all form of manners and all disciplines, in boxing jiu-jitsu, wrestling.”

The choke coming eventually, however, “it was something that I was expecting. Pick the right time to take the guy to the ground to submit him.” That’s something he worked on with his coach ahead of time. “It’s something he does very well, keeping pressure on the guy, waiting for the best moment to finish the fight. It was something I was expecting to [happen]. Sooner or later, it was going to happen.”

What comes next for Vieira? Perhaps a little time off. “I’m not in a position to choose anyone right now,” he told us when asked about who he wants next, and when he’d like to return to the octagon. “I just want to go back home and stay with my family, enjoy the victory. But for sure, I want to fight this year again.”

Win or lose, added Vieira, he had planned to fight just once more in 2021.

Watch the full UFC Vegas 31 post-fight press scrum with Rodolfo Vieira above.