UFC 263: Brad Riddell on Dober’s Durability — “I Hit Him With the Kitchen Sink, and He Stayed Standing”

Glendale, AZ — In Brad Riddell’s first fight in America, he defeated Drew Dober in UFC 263’s Fight of the Night. It was the fight that everyone circled when the fight card was released, and it lived up to the hype.

“It was really, really fun to fight Drew. He’s a really good fight. You know, like friends before the fight, friends after the fight. That’s what I said. And during that 15 minutes, nothing even close to it. That’s pretty much what it played out like. I think it’s good for the sport to have him and I,” Riddell said to the media during his UFC 263 post-fight media interview.

“What surprised me is how durable he was. I hit him with the kitchen sink, and he stayed standing. Some of the punches I hit him with, I’m pretty confident I would have put some welterweights down with it, and he just sort of stood there and smiled. Just toward that last round, I caught him a little bit. But yeah, very strong guy, very durable.”

Riddell made it known during fight week that he wanted to fight Gregor Gillespie next if he were to get through Dober. They were matched up in March, but a positive COVID test put a halt to the fight.

“I want to fight Gregor. I trained really, really hard for that fight.,” Riddell said.

“His last fight was awesome. I watched that fight, and I was kind of like cheering for him. Because I met him and stuff and squared off, so he was definitely the one I was going for. And he got an awesome win and showed a lot of heart, and I have a lot of heart. I think that fight will be pretty hectic. So I’d like to fight Gregor next.”

Watch the full UFC 263 post-fight press conference with Brad Riddell above.