UFC 263: Terrance McKinney Says Opponents Will Be Worried About His 100% Finish Rate

Glendale, AZ — How to make a lasting first impression: knock out your opponent in a lightweight record-setting seven seconds. That’s what Terrance McKinney did at UFC 263 on Saturday night.

The LFA veteran made his debut on short notice, taking on Matt Frevola. The “Steamrolla” was the one steamrolled, however, as a 1-2 put him down right off the opening bell.

“Man, this is surreal, man. I could jump again, but my leg hurts,” McKinney exclaimed following the fight. And he’s not kidding. The only damage McKinney took in the bout came when he hopped off the cage after celebrating. He appeared to blow out his knee.

“I don’t know how to explain it, I ain’t a doctor, but my ACL hurts for sure,” admitted McKinney. “I don’t think it’s torn. It’s a little bit sore, think it’ll be good after I ice it.”

During the seven seconds he spent in the actual fight on Saturday, McKinney had a number of thoughts. “I was just, in my mind, [thinking] ‘let me just take deep breaths, just stay calm, show people I’m professional, and just pick my shots.'”

Moving forward, assuming he isn’t out too long with the leg injury, the newcomer has his sights set high. “I’ll fight anyone. I think I’m ready for anyone in the top ten.”

Thanks to Saturday’s knockout, he has also maintained his perfect finish rate. “I know they’re going to be worried about fighting me now, man. 100% finish rate, they’d better watch out.”

A wrestler originally, McKinney has worked hard to reach a point where he’s also a feared striker. “After I had my shoulder surgery, I knew what I had to work on,” he told Cageside Press backstage following UFC 263. “So for like a year straight, I literally just worked on my stand-up.”

Working pads with his coach, McKinney explained it as “Just making it like an addiction. Because I knew once that hole was filled, there’s no one that could stop me.”

Watch the full UFC 263 post-fight press scrum with Terrance McKinney above.