UFC Vegas 25: Dustin Jacoby and Ion Cutelaba Fight to Split Draw

Ion Cutelaba, UFC 254 Weigh-In Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Dustin Jacoby survived a rough first round at UFC Vegas 25, taking Ion Cutelaba the distance for a split draw.

With a face-off that got physical, there was bad blood coming into this fight. Ion Cutelaba and Dustin Jacoby we’re ready to bring the action at UFC Vegas 25.

Ion Cutelaba came into the fight on a two-fight skid, losing three of his last four.

Dustin Jacoby, on the flip side was on a four-fight win streak since coming back to the UFC, with two of those wins coming inside the octagon.

Both fighters took the center of the octagon, and Cutelaba threw a left hand. Cutelaba landed a jab but was blocked, and Jacoby landed a jab himself. Jacoby landed two hard leg kicks. Cutelaba rushed Jacoby landing a nice combo. Cutelaba shot in for a takedown and landed it, but Jacoby got right up. Cutelaba was hanging on Jacoby and took him to the mat three times, but Jacoby kept getting up. On the fourth takedown, Cutelaba started landing ground and pound. With Jacoby against the cage, Cutelaba was landing nasty elbows, opening up a cut. One minute left and Cutelaba was landing punches against the cage. Jacoby landed a 1-2 to end the round. Cutelaba landed eight takedowns in round one.

Ten seconds into round two, Cutelaba landed another takedown and put Jacoby against the fence. Jacoby got up and landed another low kick. Cutelaba tried for another takedown, but Jacoby defended it. Cutelaba landed a counter as Jacoby came in. Cutelaba landed a nice left hand, followed by a 1-2. With 2:40 left, Jacoby landed a nice short uppercut. Cutelaba landed a punch right down the middle with two minutes left, but Jacoby ate it. Cutelaba landed another 1-2. One minute left, and Jacoby landed five jabs in a row. Cutelaba was winging punches, and Jacoby was jabbing him. Jacoby seemed to hurt Cutelaba at the end of the round but didn’t chase him.

Jacoby started the third round with a low kick. Jacoby landed a nasty body kick that stung Cutelaba. With 3:40 left, Jacoby was walking Cutelaba down, throwing jabs. Both fighters landed a 1-2 combo. Halfway through the round, Cutelaba threw a vicious step in-elbow but missed. Jacoby threw a flying knee and barely missed, which led to Cutelaba going for a takedown. 45 seconds left, and Cutelaba was still throwing heat. Jacoby went for a takedown, but nothing. Jacoby landed a takedown to end the fight. Entertaining fight.

Ion Cutelaba and Dustin Jacoby Fight to a Split Draw (29-28, 28-29, 28-28)


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