UFC 261’s Kazula Vargas: “The Chinese fight with heart as well”


Jacksonville, FL — Mexico’s Rodrigo “Kazula” Vargas found himself in a heated lightweight scrap at UFC 261.

He came out of the fight with the win, and a new appreciation for Chinese fighters, after opponent Zhu Rong gutted it out, surviving a tight guillotine to go the distance.

“The Chinese fight with heart as well. He defended very well, the guillotine,” Vargas said following the fight. “It was tight, but again, he defended very well.”

Vargas came out of the fight seemingly unscathed, but he did feel something off a kick that could be a problem moving forward. “I threw a calf kick, and it felt like my toe. I felt something pinging all the way to my shoulder. Noting major hopefully that’s an injury, [so] I can get back in.”

As to when that will be, “I’m going to get my injury checked. And then It doesn’t matter, whoever the UFC wants to put in front of me, they’re more than welcome to fight,” the Mexican lightweight stated.

Aside from the choke attempt, Vargas found success with his jab on Saturday. “I worked with my coach Gil Martinez out in Las Vegas, he’s the one that helped me for this camp. Helped me with that up jab, we just kept working Mexican boxing.”

Watch the full UFC 261 post-fight press conference with Kazula Vargas above.


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