KSW 60: Phil De Fries Beats Tomasz Narkun Again, Earns TKO Finish

Phil De Fries, KSW 60
Phil De Fries, KSW 60 Credit: KSW

The first thing you noticed at KSW 60 was that heavyweight champ Phil De Fries was beaming on his way out to the cage. Smiling ear to ear, looking loose, and extremely happy for a guy about to defend his title.

Challenger Tomasz Narkun, by comparison, had his game face on ahead of the main event on Saturday. He was throwing heavy early, going right at the champ. But after some early success, even getting on top in a scramble when the pair went to the ground, De Fries gained the upper hand. If only briefly, since as he got on top, Narkun latched on with a heel hook. That would halt De Fries’ progress for a moment, but the new-look champ — slimmer, in arguably the best shape of his career — escaped, moved to half guard, and began dropping elbows.

When Narkun escaped up, De Fries used a guillotine and knees to force him back down. By the end of the round, the Polish fighter was exhausted. It went from bad to worse in the second for Narkun, as De Fries landed a double-leg takedown early. He moved to mount, albeit hampered by an awkward position against the cage. Though Narkun escaped, he was soon trapped again, arms tied up while De Fries dropped ground n’ pound. Narkun ate dozens of unanswered strikes, though they weren’t heavy enough to warrant a stoppage initially. Still, with Narkun trapped, the ref would eventually wave it off.

The only thing Phil De Fries had not done in his first fight with Tomasz Narkun was beat the light heavyweight champ. In the rematch, two years later, he removed any doubt, stopping the action within two rounds.

Official Result: Phil De Fries def. Tomasz Narkun by TKO, Round 2, 3:37


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