Welcome to the UFC: Josiane Nunes

Josiane Nunes
Josiane Nunes Credit: Youtube

There’s one more show at the UFC Apex before the UFC welcomes fans back (in Florida next week). UFC Vegas 24 is headlined by former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker taking on the former title challenger Kelvin Gastelum. Since Zarah Fairn signed to the UFC she’s gone 0-2. Needing a win, Nunes has moved down to bantamweight from 145, where she will be welcoming Josiane Nunes to the UFC.

Josiane”Josi” Nunes
Standing at 5’2″
Fighting at 135 lbs (bantamweight)
Fighting out of Fazenda Rio Grande, Parana, Brazil
Training out of Astra Fight Team/Striker’s House
A pro record of 7-1

How will Nunes fare in the UFC:

As soon as the fight starts, Nunes comes at her opponents. Nunes comes from a Muay Thai background and has brought it to its full extent in her MMA journey. Always walking forward, Nunes will be seen throwing kicks and looping hooks. When the distance is closer her Muay Thai knees are put on display. Just her constant forward pressure and her ability to not let off the gas has overwhelmed her opponents.

In the same sense, Nunes can be too aggressive and either slow down as the fight goes on or run right into takedowns. Her takedown defense isn’t bad but it’s not UFC level and the same goes for her grappling defense. Nunes moves well off his back but she will struggle against a good grappler. She’s a primarily striker and you won’t see her shoot for a takedown. Nunes isn’t too technical as she focuses mainly on head-hunting her opponents with big hooks, knees, and head kicks. She doesn’t mind at all planting her feet and trading with anyone. Although Nunes is fun to watch a good technical striker will piece her apart.

  • Striking: B-
  • Kickboxing: C
  • Clinch: B
  • Wrestling: D-
  • Grappling: C-
  • Striking Defense: C
  • Takedown Defense: C
  • Cardio: C
  • Biggest Strength: Muay Thai
  • Biggest Weakness: Grappling

How does she match up with Fairn:

This is a good fight between two similar fighters. Fairn, like Nunes, has holes when it comes to takedown defense and grappling. I expect this fight to stay on the feet. Fairn lacks any kind of good footwork as she walks in a straight line with her chin up. She has a wide base with a wide stance, and she’s pretty easy to hit and attack the lead leg. Fairn throws with her hips so her strikes are telegraphed and read easily. I see a huge output advantage for Nunes and her being able to overwhelm Fairn. In a full-out striking fight, I favor Nunes due to the volume, aggressiveness, chin, and pace. The pick is Nunes.


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