UFC Fighters Share Their Ideal Valentine’s Day Plans

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the day after a major UFC event. So what are the fighters from Saturday’s UFC 258 PPV card hoping to do for the holiday?

We got their take earlier this week. Here’s a selection of the some of the best takes on ideal Valentine’s Day plans.

Kelvin Gastelum: “Just a nice dinner over some good company, some good wine, and some good laughs.”

Kamaru Usman: “Initially Valentine’s would just be me and my daughter. I’m in a weird place now, to where, actually being a father and then you have a child and it’s a daughter. I’m kind of in that place where I have to display the example that I would want her to know and understand, and that I would want a man to give her. So I have one Valentine’s, taking her out on the date, giving her flowers and all of that. That’s kind of my idea. Of course every day should be a day you let them know they’re appreciated, but Valentine’s is, you know, it’s what everyone is doing. It’s the designated day for you to show a little extra appreciation for them.”

Julian Marquez: Marquez gave his take in the video above, suggesting he was married to the UFC. “I’m married to the game, and the UFC and I, we’re a thing now, and we get to celebrate it together in the octagon.” But his callout of Miley Cyrus, and her response, was a whole lot better.

Alexa Grasso: “For me the perfect Valentine’s Day is going to be to wake up with some purple eyes, happy with a win in my heart and for my country.”

Maki Pitolo: “A long walk on the beach back home, and a good dinner.”

Gilbert Burns: “A good day will be taking [my wife] out, give her a couple gifts, show her how much I love her. She’ll be there Sunday night, I’ll bring her a belt for her.” Unfortunately for Burns, it won’t be this year.

Ian Heinisch: “You know actually Valentine’s Day is going to be my seven year anniversary of freedom [from prison]. So it’s a very significant day for me. Every day is kind of Valentine’s Day with my wife. I try to treat her romantically all the time, and surprise her with flowers and all this stuff. We don’t look at that day as much a Valentine’s Day for me, but more of a celebration of my freedom that I got on 2014 Valentine’s Day. But I guess an ideal day is hanging out on the beach, and going to a nice dinner.”

Miranda Maverick: “Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean all that much to me. I think it’s a holiday that makes romanticism very pointed, rather than a long term appreciation.”

Jim Miller: “You know, you have four young kids, of course it gets in the way a little bit. My wife, she’s amazing, and I wouldn’t be here today without her. From the beginning, she was supportive of me and my career. Just spending time with her.”