LFA 98’s Josh Fremd on Move to Factory X: “I needed to not be the best guy in the gym”

Josh Fremd LFA
Josh Fremd (left) and Antonio Jones, LFA 93 Credit: Legacy Fighting Alliance

The Factory X, Marc Montoya product Josh Fremd will headline LFA 98 against veteran Bruno Oliviera on January 29. Fremd has won six of seven fights to begin his young career, and stands 2-0 under the LFA banner. Fremd believes that training with some of the top athletes in the world, under the watchful eye of Marc Montoya, has a lot to do with the success.

“I feel blessed about 2020,” Fremd stated. “When I left Pittsburgh, I knew I needed that level up, I needed to not be the best guy in the gym. I’m probably not even top 10 in the gym now,” Fremd laughed. “To this day I train with and learn so much from my training partners, Cody Brundage, Dustin Jacoby, plenty of guys to pick their brains at all times.”

The match up with Bruno Oliveira, who is a former light heavyweight, pits young prospect Fremd against a savvy veteran. Oliveira recently competed on Dana White’s Contender Series in a losing effort. At LFA 98 he will make his promotional debut.

“I wanted another one in 2020, that didn’t work out,” Fremd told Cageside Press. “I’m pumped to get going in January 2021, start off this year with a fight, I love that Bruno is my size, like exact same size,” Fremd continued. “I’m excited because he is a stand up guy, I’m excited now thinking of it. When I go spar with Dustin Jacoby, I get excited, this is that type of feeling for this fight.”

Headlining LFA is no small feet. A breeding ground for the UFC, and a major promotion under the UFC Fight Pass banner, although Fremd has fought for the promotion twice, the stakes have never been so high. With the chance to go 3-0 in LFA, Fremd said it will mean the world.

“After starting 2020 off with a ton of injuries, to be 3-0 in LFA after this fight would mean the world to me,” Fremd told Cageside Press. “It isn’t added pressure, I don’t care what people think, they can think I’m good or not I don’t care, I do this because it is fun,” Fremd stated. “I do this to learn, to compete, to have fun, it brings me joy, so added pressure isn’t involved.”

The Pennsylvania native, now a Colorado transplant, applies his “fun” attitude toward fighting. It can almost be considered a hidden talent of some sort. The ability to not succumb to pressure, or big moments, but just take them in as they come.

“It helps me, I used to put a lot of pressure on myself,” Fremd stated. “My old coaches, football or baseball coaches told me ‘if you got your head out of your ass you could be so good.’ I always put added pressure on myself,” Fremd continued. “I stopped letting that get to me, I’m just having fun now, everyone else can take a hike.”

The 26 year old middleweight is looking to achieve his UFC dream, but isn’t pushing it. His is setting his goals fight by fight, to be ready for any opportunity whether it be DWCS, a short notice UFC offer, or the LFA belt.

“I’ll do anything. I’m 26 so it isn’t a pressure thing,” Fremd explained. “I take it opportunity by opportunity. If LFA calls and gives me a title shot, I’m in. If the UFC calls for short notice, I’m there. I just want to fight.”

LFA 98 takes place this Friday, January 29 at the Harman Arena in Park City, Kansas. The event airs live on UFC Fight Pass.