Prospect Watch: Russia’s Bibert Tumenov

Bibert Tumenov
Bibert Tumenov Credit: Youtube

Bibert Tumenov is a name to keep an eye on. And if that name seems somewhat familiar, that’s because the featherweight is the cousin of former UFC welterweight Albert Tumenov.

Tale of the Tape

Fighting out of Nalchik, Russia
Age: 23
Weightclass: Featherweight
Height: 5’8”
Training out of Bastion
Record: 10-1


  • Accurate left hand
  • Solid footwork
  • Good head movement
  • Superb shot-selection
  • Good TDD
  • Quick hands
  • Excellent boxing
  • Really good bodywork
  • Good jab
  • Deep gas tank
  • Good wrestling


  • N/A

Striking/Kickboxing: A+

Tumenov is a high-caliber striker/boxer. Tumenov is an in your face pressure fighter who throws nothing but fire in his hands. Out of his orthodox stance, a lot of his primary shots come from his left hand. The left straight/hook, left hook to the body, left uppercut, and the jab are all money. He’s incredibly dangerous with both hands even though his left hand is his lead hand. Tumenov is never gun-shy; he is constantly letting his hands fly with combinations. He’s really good at cutting opponentss off and landing strikes while headhunting. He’ll headhunt quite often but his bodywork and mid combinations do quite a number on his foes. Tumenov compliments his striking with wonderful head movement slipping and returning. As a striker Tumenov is high-level.

Movement: A

Tumenov stomps forward cutting the cage in half, and will chase down opponents. He’s still very light on his feet exploding in with volume and exiting away from any damage. Tumenov is a pocket striker and he’s able to let loose and move out of the pocket effortlessly.

Clinch: B-

Tumenov is not really someone that initiates the clinch being solely a striker. While entering the pocket he will grab the Muay Thai plum to land knees. He is knowledgeable when it comes to control and positioning. More defensive in the clinch then offense-minded.

Wrestling: B-

Tumenov has some underrated wrestling. It’s hard to rate him too highly as a wrestler however, because he’s not the one to cut angles or chain wrestle if needed. His takedowns come because his opponents are so worried about his hands they don’t expect him to shoot for takedowns. Having the ability to mix takedowns in is a valuable skill to have.

Grappling: C

Bibert hasn’t shown any grappling nor has he really ever had to use it. The few times he’s ended up on his back he wasn’t there long. The times he’s been on top he’s had no desire to pass guard or improve position.

Cardio: A-

Tumenov has gone the distance four times and went five rounds once and fought at the same pace the duration of the fight. Tumenov doesn’t throw with any wasted movement just staying technical, and doesn’t really use any high energy attacks. He has planted his feet and set in the pocket and unloaded but his cardio held up.

Defense: A-

The Russian has all-around excellent defense. Tumenov will at times stand and bang getting hit in exchanges. More times than not with his footwork he’s right out of the way and his head is hardly ever sitting on the center-line. He’s been taken down a few times but has never spent a good amount of time off his back. Tumenov has really good takedown defense at distance with good vision and is excellent at timing his sprawls. Against the cage, Tumenov fights the wrists well and is good at fighting for underhooks and circling out.

Overall: A

Tumenov is a legit prospect who is destined for great things in this sport. The last name is familiar and that’s because he’s the younger cousin of former UFC fighter and ACA welterweight champion Albert Tumenov. Albert throws a lot more kicks than Bibert but both Tumenovs have amazing striking. Bibert was a highly touted and successful amateur boxer that transitioned to MMA right away. Bibert is a technical but lethal striker.

Animated GIFAnimated GIFTumenov is first and foremost a striker but he’ll surprise opponentss and shoot for takedowns. He can complete takedowns, but he tends to get right back up where he is more comfortable. Bibert is also really good at catching opponents’ kicks and dumping them on the mat.

Animated GIFTumenov started off fighting other young, hungry, talented prospects out of Russia. While he did fall short once it was to a good fighter Timur Khizriev, and it was a close fight. Since signing with ACA last year he’s gone 3-0 for the promotion. He’s beat Kyle Reyes, Alexander Matmuratov, and Alexey Polpudnikov. My projection is he’s a future ACA champion. A fight between him and Felipe Froes would be extremely interesting.