UFC 255 Results: Sasha Palatnikov Upsets Louis Cosce in Thrilling Fight

uFC 255 Sasha Palatnikov Louis Cosce
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - NOVEMBER 21: (R-L) Sasha Palatnikov punches Louis Cosce in their welterweight bout during the UFC 255 event at UFC APEX on November 21, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

Two UFC newcomers opened up the UFC 255 card in an absolute war, with Sasha Palatnikov coming out on top after an exhausting fight.

A pair of octagon newcomers kicked off the UFC 255 early preliminary card on Saturday. Louis Cosce had made his way to the promotion via the Contender Series, giving him a slightly higher profile than opponent Sasha Palatnikov. But as the first UFC fighter representing Hong Kong, a lot of eyes would be on Palatnikov as he entered the octagon for the first time on Saturday night.

Cosce was very aggressive to start, putting Palastnikov on the backfoot early. Cosce opened up with a stiff leg kick and clinch before Palatnikov shot in for a takedown that he got. Cosce jumped on a guillotine choke in order to get back to his feet, and Cosce then started battering Palatnikov. Cosce caught a kick from Palatnikov and then landed a huge flurry that had Palatnikov shelled up and hurt badly. Cosce spent the better part of two minutes battering Palantikov, but Palantikov did his best to recover and then turned the table on Cosce, Palatnikov started landing some hard shots of his own and in the final seconds landed a huge spinning back fist that hurt Cosce. Cosce ate some more hard shots but recovered to see the end of the round.

Cosce opened up with a quick takedown attempt but failed badly. Palatnikov landed some quick shots on the ground before letting Cosce get back to his feet. Palatnikov began pushing the pressure to the clearly tired Cosce, and even landed another hard spinning back fist before Cosce landed a quick groin strike that caused the fight to halt for a minute. Cosce came out of the break throwing with more power and began going to the legs of Palatnikov. Palatnikov seemed to have the cleaner striking of the two fighters, but Cosce was staying in it, and heading into round three it seemed that fight could go anyone’s way.

Cosce pushed Palatnikov to the cage early, and Palatnikov grabbed the fence prompting the referee to warn him if he did it again he would take a point. Cosce shot in for another takedown but was quickly stuffed by Palatnikov, Cosce landed a hard right hand that saw Palatnikov get into the clinch and land some hard elbows. Palatnikov then landed a hard spinning back kick to the body, before Cosce shot in on another takedown that was stuffed. The two then got in the clinch, before Palatnikov was hit with another low blow, this time as a result of a knee. Palatnkiov took a few minutes break and then came out looking fresh, and he quickly went on the attack for a finish. Palatnikov sat down on a hard right hand that dropped Cosce and quickly dropped down some ground and pound and the fight was called off.

What a fight and what an upset win by Palatnikov.

Sasha Palatnikov def. Louis Cosce by TKO (Punches) in Round 3 (2:27)