Three “Huh?” Moments in MMA Last Week: Fans at Fight Island, Brain Disease, and Woodley Being Difficult


Dana White UFC 254

Dana White Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Dana White says Tyron Woodley is difficult

In a recent interview, UFC President Dana White said that Tyron Woodley is the most difficult fighter he’s ever dealt with. Huh?

“I would say the hardest kid that I ever dealt with, and everybody thinks that I don’t like him, it has to be [Tyron] Woodley,” White told Virgin Radio. “Woodley’s the hardest kid I’ve ever dealt with. I look at what he could have done and what he should have done.” – via MMA Mania

Man, Woodley must be really difficult to deal with in order to be labeled as more difficult than a guy who has: punched an old man, broke a fan’s cell phoneattacked a bus full of UFC fighters, attacked a Bellator MMA referee during a bout, has caused main events to be moved, been racist and homophobic, and been accused of sexual assault multiple times. Huh.

Or maybe Dana is just taking an opportunity to throw shade on guy he’s had personal issues with over the years, and ignoring the difficulties of a guy he’s profited massively off of.

We could be seeing fans at UFC events as early as next year, at events taking place at “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi. It seems like a difficult task, but apparently not as difficult as working with Tyron Woodley, according to Dana White. Regardless of their difficulties, the struggles that Vince Murdock has overcome ahead of his DWCS bout next month overshadows them all. Huh.

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