Welcome to the UFC: Guram Kutateladze and Mateusz Gamrot

Mateusz Gamrot ksw
Mateusz Gamrot Credit: Wojsław Rysiewski (KSW) / Sebastian Rudnicki (KSW)

This week’s UFC Fight Island 6 card is topped by a featherweight bout in Brian Ortega vs Chan Sung Jung The Korean Zombie. Also on the card is Jessica Andrade vs Katlyn Chookagian, flyweight record-setter Gillian Robertson, and many fun up-and-comers. Among the debuts set for this card, we have a big one in former KSW dual champ Mateusz Gamrot. He was originally supposed to fight Magomed Mustafaev but now is fighting another newcomer in Guram Kutateladze.

Guram Kutateladze
Allstars Training Center
1 Submission

How will Kutateladze fare in the UFC:

Kutateladze is a fun addition to the lightweight division. Kutateladze is mainly a striker who will at times decide to shoot on the double leg. He really doesn’t produce much on top as his jiu-jitsu really shows more when he’s on his back. Kutateladze is flexible and you will see that when he uses the rubber guard, which he does quite often. He only has one submission victory but is good at throwing his legs up, attacking the arm, and looking for leg locks. The problem is off his back mostly he’s just looking to attack or stay busy and not actually work to get back to his feet where he should be.

As to what Kutateladze throws on the feet, it’s all power and explosiveness. A lot of times he struggles putting combinations together, throwing one strike at a time. When he does throw his kicks behind punches he’s far more dangerous. When he usually finds the mark is when his opponents throw something blindly or are caught coming forward sloppy. The right hand he throws has a lot of thunder. Kutateladze has a high guard and has good footwork but when pressured he does get hit. Kutateladze also has good head movement, slips, and returns well but he’s a bit stationary off his back foot. His takedown defense isn’t horrible but it’s definitely going to be a problem against a good wrestler. Even more so, he’ll have issues getting out under a strong wrestler. Kutateladze is most likely going to be a guy to produce some exciting knockouts but will struggle as he moves up the ranks when the opponents get better.

  • Striking: B+
  • Kickboxing: B-
  • Clinch: A-
  • Wrestling: C+
  • Grappling: C+
  • Striking Defense: C+
  • Takedown Defense: C-
  • Cardio: B
  • Biggest Strength: Knockout power
  • Biggest Weakness: TDD

Mateusz “Gamer” Gamrot
Poznań, Poland
Czerwony Smok/American Top Team
17-0, 1 NC
4 Submissions

How will Gamrot fare in the UFC:

Gamrot has been one of the best talents outside of the UFC for years. He competed for KSW for the last seven years. He was the first-ever KSW double champ capturing titles at featherweight and lightweight. Gamrot is a two-time ADCC European Champion and a two-time ADCC Polish champion. He competed in the 2019 ADCC World Championships in the men’s 77kg bracket but lost in the first round.

From the begging of his MMA career to now Gamrot has seen it all and has faced excellent competition. At the time of the fights, his combined record of competition is 232-60-8 which is outstanding. Gamrot is a pure wrestler and on the feet, he does well but it’s not where he’s best. “Gamer” has decent hands but tends to overreach. He throws a lot of single strikes but does have a sneaky head kick he throws. Just the power isn’t there and not really the technique either. What he does do well is strike to wrestle. A lot of times when Gamrot shoots he’s not completing on the first attempt, rather it’s the chain wrestling that sets him apart. What his opponents have made the mistake of doing is when they sprawl on his shots they follow him down and that’s allowed him to cut the corner taking the back or a leg. When shooting sometimes and changing levels Gamrot is on the ankles (ankle-pick) which is tougher to set-up but even tougher to defend. With his strength, relentless pressure, and chain wrestling he’s a very tough guy to keep off you.

Regarded as an excellent grappler I’m more impressed with his top control and ground and pound. Most of the time when he’s on top he’s staying there. Gamrot has gone for five rounds three times and into the fourth once and overall his cardio has held up pretty well. Where he will struggle with is against a good striker who knows how to use distance management. Gamrot does telegraph his shots shooting from too far out but you must have good takedown defense to stop him since his chain wrestling is so good. Gamrot will be a problem and I think he at least has top 15 level potential.

Striking: C
Kickboxing: C+
Clinch: B-
Wrestling: A
Grappling: A-
Striking Defense: C+
Takedown Defense: A-
Cardio: B
Biggest Strength: Wrestling
Biggest Weakness: On the feet

How Kutateladze and Gamrot match up:

As much as Kutateladze is dangerous, Gamrot is just such a bad match-up for him. The biggest weakness from Kutateladze is his takedown defense and that’s shown against inferior wrestlers. Gamrot is by far the best wrestler Guram has fought. Of course, the longer this fight stays standing it favors Kutateladze as he’s got the explosiveness and power but I’m sure Gamrot is going to shoot often. The longer this fight goes too it’s going to easily favor Gamrot. The pick is Gamrot, either winning a decision or a late finish.