UFC 253: The Israel Adesanya Show

Being such a big fan of the sport himself, Israel Adesanya recognizes how the fans of mixed martial arts think. He realizes the quality that fans appreciate above all else is being fearless, and taking the most dangerous fight available.  He knows that naysayers will always be looking for ammunition to use to try to discredit or downplay his achievements, and he realizes he has full control of giving the doubters nothing to work with.

One way to all but guarantee everyone’s respect is to execute a rare action and call out the most hazardous and risky match-up there is available as the champion of the division. Something we don’t often see these days in this sport. But Adesayna has done just that by calling out Yoel Romero for his first title defense and has continued the trend by immediately expressing his desire to fight Paulo Costa and now doing so. Setting an amazing example for the younger generations.

Adesnaya always comes prepared, and he’ll be prepared to deal with Costa on Saturday night. UFC 253 is the next iteration of the Adesanya show, so pull up a seat and enjoy the performance 

Watch our full video preview for UFC 253: Adesanya vs. Costa above.