Three “Huh?” Moments in MMA Last Week: DC had COVID-19, Spreading Conspiracies, and No Poirier-Ferguson

Bryce Mitchell UFC
Bryce Mitchell Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

MMA fighters conspiracy theory list

The crew over at Bloody Elbow put together a list of MMA fighters who’ve used their online platforms to spread conspiracy theories. Huh.

The list, which at the time of this writing features more than two dozen MMA fighters (both past and current), coaches, and other figures within the sport. That seems like a lot. Here’s a taste:

“UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell – who once asked Donald Trump to call him if he “needs help whooping some politician” – believes that the coronavirus is a bioweapon “made by the government.” He added that the government “infected the people on purpose to cause some type of chaos” in order to “try and take our guns”

Mitchell is best known as the fighter who tore his scrotum with a power drill.” – via Bloody Elbow

That last part is no conspiracy. Mitchell definitely “ripped his nutsack in half” in August of 2018. And that’s not even the craziest thing in this article.

The MMA community is generally known for straying from the mainstream in a variety of ways. We’ve seen various NBA and MLB figures share their “out there” ideas in the past, but these lines of thought seem much more prevalent in MMA. Not only in the number of people who believe and spread these theories, but in how fervent their belief is in them. This article does a good job of showcasing that sentiment in frighteningly effective fashion.