Bellator 243: Grant Neal is “no where near his peak” following dominant performance.

Light heavyweight Neal gets rare 30-24 in decision victory at Bellator 243.

Grant Neal had some huge moments in his Bellator 243 performance, his third victory in the Bellator cage. Neal faced off with Hamza Salim (5-3) who had just won 3 straight himself before taking a beating at the hands of Neal on Friday night.

“He’s [Salim] a tough guy,” Neal stated. “I can’t be disappointed, I left it all out there. Kudos to him, he is a tough opponent,” Neal continued. “I’m no where near my peak or pinnacle so I’m super excited.”

One of the judges gave Neal a 30-24 in the decision victory. A 30-24 simply means that every round for Neal was not only won, but in such a dominant fashion that he was awarded a 10-8 round. While becoming more prevalent, 10-8 rounds are still somewhat rare, so to get three in one fight, that is beyond rare.

“It’s definitely rare, it’s actually a complement to my opponent,” Neal told the media. “30-24 sounds like a finish to me but he stayed in there and was tough, he wanted to be there in the cage.”

At only four fights in, three in the Bellator cage, it is clear that Neal is looked upon as a promising prospect for the division and promotion. Undefeated through four, Neal thanks his college football coach for helping bring the attitude to the fight game.

“I’m always focused on the fight in front of me,” Neal told the media. “My college football coach always told us to win the last game in our national championship run, I brought that to the fight game. In my progression I’m always looking to finish the next one. Every fight is the biggest of my career. If I keep that attitude I’m going to get to where I want to be.”

Grant Neal is looking to get right back in the cage now, as he has had enough time off.

“I feel for everybody in the world that doesn’t have the opportunity to work, the coronavirus has uprooted a lot of peoples’ lives. It would be absolutely selfish of me to have an opportunity to continue to work and not do it.”