Get to Know Alexa Culp Following her Pro Debut Win at Invicta FC 41

Alexa Culp Invicta FC 41
Alexa_Culp vs Natalya Speece Credit: Dave Mandel/Invicta FC

After going 3-0 as an amateur, Alexa Culp made her professional debut back in July. It was not just her pro debut but a big fight, with Culp making her Invicta FC debut as well — a staple in women’s MMA. At Invicta FC 41, she dominated Natalya Speece en-route to a second-round rear-naked choke. Cageside Press caught up with Alexa Culp following her big win.

First of all, how did you get into MMA?
I grew up watching the fights with my dad and my uncles. I grew up taunting my mom that I was going to fight when I was older. Eventually, when I was 15 my mom signed me up at Glory and I’ve spent every week there since.

How have you been affected by the COVID-19? How has the training camp changed?
The gym was closed but I was still able to train. I was able to train more often and in new ways since I wasn’t working some of my jobs.

You train with Glory MMA. How was you introduced to the gym and who are some of your sparring partners?
My mom worked out at the gym next to Glory. Drilling wise I get to work with Isaac Dulgarian on a daily basis. I try to mix my sparring rounds up with all the guys in the gym. I’m constantly trying to get new looks and different challenges.

Why did you make the decision to pro now?
Going pro has been an ongoing conversation I’ve had with my coaches throughout the years. I’ve dedicated my life to training and with the lack of accepting opponents, I was given the green light!

Making your pro debut for Invicta FC is a big deal for women’s MMA. How did they deal come about and is fighting for Invicta always something you saw in your future?
My coach reached out to Shannon and told her I was looking to fight and was able to fight as soon as possible. It has always been a goal of mine to fight on Invicta! I’m extremely grateful to have this opportunity and show that Glory MMA is the real deal.

Alexa Culp and James Krause

How do you feel at 125? Is the weight cut hard or do you see yourself moving up or down weight classes in the future?
125 is easy! I was eating close to normal throughout this fight week and woke up on weight consistently. I’m hoping to fight at 115 next. I’m walking around ready to make weight whenever I’m needed.

Coming off your pro debut win was your satisfied with your overall performance? Any takeaways?
There were a few game plans going into the fight. I’m very satisfied with my performance. At the same time I know I have more to offer than what I showed.

What do you like to do outside of MMA? Like do you have any other hobbies or are you just an MMA junkie haha?
Outside of the gym I work with foster kids and families. I’m a personal behavioral assistant for Foster Adopt Connect. I help the kids and parents transition through trauma and help implement healthy skills and routines into the kids life.

You’re still young in your career and I know you probably ain’t looking too far ahead but what is the goal? Is it UFC? Bellator? Or something else?
I’m a very present-focused person but the UFC is always on my mind. It always has been.

List of accomplishments such as titles, belt ranks, etc…?
No titles or Belts yet. I broke a girls arm with a head kick if that counts for anything lol

What are your favorite striking and grappling techniques?
I don’t have any specific grappling or striking techniques. My goal is to be able to blend everything, everywhere, all the time.

What do you want next? How soon are you looking to get back in there?
I’m ready to get back in as soon as possible. Momentum is a huge part of this sport and I’m only trying to pick up the pace. I feel a little behind schedule after quarantine!