UFC 250 Results: Devin Clark Upsets Alonzo Menifield

Devin Clark, UFC 250
Devin Clark, UFC 250 Credit: Rodney James Edgar/Cageside Press

Devin Clark picked up the biggest win of his career Saturday, upsetting the undefeated Alonzo Menifield at UFC 250.

Light heavyweight action at UFC 250 saw the hard-hitting Alonzo Menifield go up against former heavyweight Devin Clark. Heading into the bout, Clark had been trading wins and losses, most recently having his hand raised against Dequan Townsend.

Menifield, undefeated through nine pro fights in Bellator, LFA, DWCS, and the UFC, was looking to make it three straight inside the octagon. Through those nine fights, Menifield had never gone the distance. Or more than a minute into the second round.

That played a big role on Saturday in Vegas. Clark immediately ran across the octagon for a takedown attempt, but Menifield stuffed the takedown and reversed the position. After some grappling, Menifield would circle out and land a huge right hand that dropped Clark and hurt him. Clark would try to hold on to Menifield and looked for the takedown but couldn’t get it. Menifield landed another big combination that hurt Clark, but Clark shot back with a combination of his own. Menifield would get the fight into the clinch, and landed some big knees and elbows. Clark landed a big combination that again forced Menifield to get into the clinch. Going back to their corners after round one, Devin Clark’s face looked like a mess. His eye was swollen, and he had taken considerable damage.

Menifield shot in for a right hand to start the second round, but ate a shot from Clark, and got into the clinch. Menifield would separate and Clark threw a head kick. They would clinch, Menifield would slip out and separate, and Clark responded with a huge combination that forced Menifield to clinch again. Menifield would get the Thai clinch and land a big knee, but Clark would land a big combination to blast out of it. Menifield started to slow down badly in the second and looked to do much more clinch work. That lack of experience going deep in fights was showing. When Menifield did get the clinch, he started to eat lots of strikes from Clark. Clark would land a big combination before heading to round three.

Clark would jump across the octagon with a huge right hand to start round three. Menifield would clinch briefly before landing a big right hand followed by a knee. Clark would shoot in on a takedown, but Menifield would stuff it. Menifield would get in on his own takedown, but Clark would reverse it. Clark would get a huge slam takedown, finally taking the fight down after multiple attempts, and get Menifield’s back instantly. Menifield would get up however and eat some big knees from Clark in the clinch. Clark would shoot for a takedown but Menifield would stuff it once again. Clark would land a big combination to send us to the judges, securing his win in the process.

Official Result: Devin Clark def. Alonzo Menifield by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28) 


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