UFC Vegas Results: Roosevelt Roberts Gets Final Word Against Brok Weaver

Roosevelt Roberts UFC
Roosevelt Roberts Credit: Youtube/UFC

Brok Weaver missed weight for his UFC Vegas bout with Roosevelt Roberts, leaving Roberts fuming — but he’d have the final word.

Brok Weaver called his UFC Vegas match-up with Roosevelt Roberts his redemption fight. If that was the case, he might have a little more atoning to do. Weaver, a Contender Series alum, missed weight for the fight, coming in 1.5lbs over the lightweight limit. Roberts, who missed weight, was another Contender Series product, who was 3-1 in the promotion entering the night. And he was none too happy about Weaver’s miss at Friday’s face-offs.

The pair threw down inside the UFC Apex on Saturday, with Weaver looking for a second chance to make a first impression. At UFC Rio Rancho earlier this year, Weaver entered the octagon for the first time, earning a win via DQ after absorbing an illegal knee to the head from Rodrigo Vargas.

Roberts opened with a pair of kicks and closed to get the clinch against the cage, where they worked before separating. On the break Roberts landed a nice right, but Weaver got the clinch again and the two worked from the cage before they broke and engaged at center. One big question would be how Brok Weaver’s cardio looked, after what was clearly a rough weight cut. Weaver looked to press the action again, and backing Roberts into the cage where he worked for the clinch. Roberts slipped free. He landed a solid 1-2 combination and followed it up with a kick. Roberts now looked to open up, but Weaver turned up the aggression and pressed Roberts back into the cage again, once more looking to work from the clinch.

Roberts escaped and fired off a leg kick, then followed up with a looping left. But Weaver slipped into range for the clinch by the fence. Roberts revered position and also got the takedown himself. Roberts backed off and Weaver rushed in again, but this time Roberts looked to lock in a guillotine choke. Weaver defended well but gave up his back in the process. The round came to a close with Roberts on Weaver’s back working for a choke.

Roberts couldn’t wait to get back to action and rushed forward to land a combination as the second round opened. Weaver shot for the takedown and Roberts  looked for the choke again only for Weaver to break free. Weaver shot in once more and pushed Roberts into the cage; he almost ate a knee on his way in. Roberts reversed position and worked against the cage, before breaking for a moment before he rushed forward again. This time with a combination that he followed up with a takedown. Roberts worked from half guard and Weaver was defending well, but Roberts was relentless as he transitioned into mount while at the same time working for the choke. Weaver again defended but gave up his back and Roberts locked in the choke and forced the tap. Weaver, at that point, just had no escape.

Roberts improved to 10-1 with the win, and has now won two straight inside the octagon.

Official Result: Roosevelt Roberts def. Brok Weaver by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 3:26