UFC Vegas Results: Daniel Rodriguez Takes Decision Over Newcomer Gabriel Green

Daniel Rodriguez UFC
Daniel Rodriguez Credit: Youtube/UFC

Once scheduled to fight on the regional circuit, Daniel Rodriguez and Gabe Green battled it out for three rounds at UFC Vegas instead.

Daniel Rodriguez started this week expecting a fight with Kevin Holland, who was making a short turnaround after competing in Jacksonville, Florida earlier this month. Holland’s quick turnaround, however, quickly became a thing of the past when he was forced off the card due to injury. In his place, Gabriel Green stepped in on short notice, keeping Rodriguez on the card. Green and Rodriguez had traveled in similar circles in their career, both vets of the west coast scene.

Green entered the bout on a six-fight win streak outside the UFC. So he was not someone Rodrgiuez would want to take lightly. Rodriguez himself was coming off his own UFC debut, which saw him pull off what most would consider an upset over veteran Tim Means.

In Round one, both men came out trading blows. Rodríguez started to land a jab as he controlled the centre of the octagon, but Gabe Green wasn’t intimated with the jab landing. Green continued to throw high energy strikes. Rodriguez seemed content with the pace Green put out, once again keeping Green at bay with jabs.

Touching of the gloves started Round two and the pressure seemed to be turned up by Green as he came out with throwing hands. But Rodriguez was once again undaunted as he went back to landing the jab and controlling the pace. Green felt some big shots from Rodriguez and began to throw some heavy hands of his own. High volume strikes came from both men. As Green applied more pressure, he was looking fresher towards the end of the round.

A nice sign of respect from both men as they briefly hugged at the start of the third. The pressure from Green continued, now slipping the previously connecting jab from Rodriguez. Both men were slowing down but rightfully so, with how many high pressure strikes had been thrown. Green took heavy damage towards the end of the third, but still kept the pressure on Rodriguez, not letting him get comfortable. The fight ended with Rodriguez on top with some final strikes.

What a great fight with fast-paced action!

The judges scored the fight 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Daniel Rodriguez. That marks his second win inside the octagon.

Official Result: Daniel Rodriguez def. Gabe Green via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)