UFC on ESPN 8’s Nate Landwehr Says It’s Wins That Are Remembered: “How many times did Muhammad Ali lose?”

Nate Landwehr had quite the crazy battle against Darren Elkins at UFC on ESPN 8. One of the bloodiest bouts in recent memory. To be fair, our judgment may be clouded by the lack of any fights period until recently. Still, Saturday’s action-packed featherweight contest, one of four thrilling 145lb match-ups at the Jacksonville, Florida event, had fans seeing red. Most of which was spilled by Elkins.

If you expect an iota of surprise from Landwehr, forget about it. “That’s normal for my fights. That’s how I do it, that’s what we’re bringing to the table,” he told Cageside Press during a post-fight virtual media scrum. “This is what I do, baby.”

Landwehr was seen, or well, overheard, calling for Dana White during the fight. It was less about what he wanted to say to White, and more about entertaining. “There was no crowd so I figured I’d entertain, I’d do it all. Just be loud, clap, and just have a good time. That’s why I was mainly trying to do, just have a great f*cking time.”

Despite entering the UFC FL card off a loss in his promotional debut — against a solid opponent in Hertbert Burns, whose brother Gilbert is also a member of the UFC’s ranks — Landwehr did not put much in the way of pressure on humself. None, in fact. “Oh no pressure man, I’m prizefighter. Win, lose, or draw, this my life.”

As Landwehr pointed out, what matters most is the winning. Not just to fighters, for that matter. “How many times did Muhammad Ali lose, real quick? You tell me. Nobody really knows. I just remember the great moments he put on for us, I mean that’s what people remember and that’s what I’m bringing to the table. Great moments, exciting moments. I’mma fight my ass off.”

Watch the full UFC on ESPN 8 post-fight virtual media scrum with Nate Landwehr above!