Chael Sonnen Blasts Jon Jones: “You have permanent handcuff-creases in your wrists”

    Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, UFC
    Credit: Dave Mandel/

    While their business inside the cage was settled years ago — clearly in the favor of Jones — the feud between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen appears far from done. Over the weekend, Jones made the (perhaps unwise) decision to make a crack about the long-since retired Sonnen on Twitter.

    Proving he’s still got the fastest fingers on Twitter, Sonnen replied with a scorched earth attack with some of the best one-liners he’s fired off in recent memory. Seriously, SNL might want to consider picking him up for their writers room.

    It all started when Jones fired the opening salvo, without directly naming Sonnen. Instead, he asked his followers to identify who he was referring to. “Who is this? Has been with now man boobs making money off of YouTube getting hit talking about Jon Jones?” he wrote.

    We’ll assume he meant getting hits, as in clicks, not that Sonnen was actually smacked for talking about Jones.

    Sonnen responded in well… typical Sonnen fashion. Which wouldn’t necessarily be news-worthy, if not for the creativity behind some of these barbs.

    “You have permanent handcuff-creases in your wrists” may go down as classic Sonnen. Jones, as talented as he is in the cage, has become better known for his missteps outside of it. Most recently, that included being found intoxicated behind the wheel of a parked car, with a loaded gun amidst reports of shots fired.

    Sonnen got a little more personal later, however. In that case, he brought up Jones’ last positive drug test, accusing the champion of being a snitch.

    Jones may run circles around Sonnen in the cage — their one and only meeting did not go well for Sonnen, ending in a TKO win for Jones in the opening round at UFC 159. The “Gangster from West Linn” retired last year following a loss under the Bellator banner to Lyoto Machida.

    UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, meanwhile, is expected back in the cage sometime later this year. Dominick Reyes and Jan Blachowicz are the most likely candidates to face him next. However, Jones has teased a fight at heavyweight with Francis Ngannou.