UFC Jacksonville Results: Brian Kelleher Weathers the Storm to KO Azure

Hunter Azure and Brian Kelleher, UFC Jacksonville
Hunter Azure and Brian Kelleher Credit: Youtube/UFC

The undefeated Hunter Azure, who won his way into the UFC via the Contender Series, was set to take on Brian Kelleher at UFC Jacksonville on Wednesday. The Fight Night event was the second show in the span of eight days for the UFC, with all three playing out inside the confines of the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena.

Normally plying their trade at bantamweight, the short-notice nature of the bout saw Kelleher and Azure moving up the featherweight.

To open, Kelleher came out and took center as the two circled. Azure fired off a leg kick and Kelleher looked to land a body kick. Azure fired back with a combination and the two continued to trade. Kelleher moved in with a combination of his own then locked for the clinch, but Azure slipped free. Another exchange saw Azure land a solid uppercut, but Kelleher kept moving forward. Brian Kelleher then fired off a combination that ended with a body kick. He next looked for the clinch again, but Azure slipped away and fired back. Kelleher continued moving forward and fired off punches. Azure fired back with power and landed on Kelleher. That prompted Kelleher to drop levels and look for the take down. Hunter Azure backed up to the cage and worked free from the take down attempt, and two wasted no time in exchanging again. Quite the storm to that point. Azure now moved forward but slipped when he threw a high kick, he was quick to recover but Kelleher  took the opportunity and pressed forward as he looked to land one last combination on the scrambling fighter just before the round came to an end. Still, it was likely Azure taking the opening frame.

Kelleher opened the second with a leg kick and Azure fired back with the jab, then followed with his own leg kick. Kelleher attacked with a looping right that just missed the mark and Azure circled and fired back, landing a combination. Kelleher landed a nice right hand after landing a pair of kicks, but Azure was quick to answer with a body shot, hook combination that landed with power. Azure got the clinch and pressed Kelleher into the cage but “Boom” broke free and spun to engage. Azure fired a punch but Kelleher landed a nice counter. There was a sense the bout wouldn’t go the distance — and it did not. Kelleher faded to the left and looked to land a left hook, and he did, with power. He sent Azure crashing to the mat. Kelleher looked to finish and the ref jumped in to bring an end to the fight.

Official Result: Brian Kelleher def. Hunter Azure by KO, Round 2, 3:40