UFC 249 Results: Bryce Mitchell Dominates Charles Rosa, Earns Camo Shorts

Bryce Mitchell and Charles Rosa, UFC 249
Bryce Mitchell and Charles Rosa, UFC 249 Face-Off Credit: Youtube/UFC

Bryce Mitchell pulled off an incredible performance at UFC 249, dominating Charles Rosa from pillar to post, earning a promise of Reebok camo shorts.

Having pulled off a Submission of the Year twister to cap 2019, a lot of eyes are on Arkansas native Bruce Mitchell to start his 2020 campaign. The TUF veteran had a tough match-up at UFC 249, however, in the gritty Charles Rosa.

Mitchell, who entered the night a perfect 12-0, was putting his undefeated record on the line in this featherweight scrap.

Bryce Mitchell was the one who took the center of the Octagon first, backing Rosa to the cage. Mitchell drove in with a takedown and got Rosa to the canvas. Mitchell established an arm triangle grip and had it deep with a half guard position. He eventually jumped to mount, allowing Rosa to spin out of the choke, giving Mitchell his back. The window was there for Mitchell and he took advantage. Mitchell nearly pulled off his second consecutive twister, and Rosa was fortunately able to spin out of it. Rosa then found himself in another arm triangle, but was able to last to the end of the first round.

Charles Rosa came out firing kicks at Mitchell, but one was caught and he was on his back again. Like the first round, Mitchell went to the arm triangle and was enjoying a dominant performance. Rosa desparately tried to grab hold of a leg, but came up empty as Mitchell yet again went to the arm triangle. Rosa was forced to give up his back, where Mitchell again went for the twister as time expired in the second round.

Rosa threw a few punches then a wheel kick that Mitchell drove right through into a takedown. He happened to land in the perfect spot for a twister. Mitchell wasn’t able to get it again, but continued to absolutely cruise. From submission attempt to submission attempt, Rosa, a black belt in jiu-jitsu, was simply overmatched.

Bryce Mitchell def. Charles Rosa by Unanimous Decision (30-25 x2, 30-24)