UFC 249 Results: Anthony Pettis Defeats Donald Cerrone in War

Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone, UFC 249
Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone, UFC 249 Face-Off Credit: Youtube/UFC

In a fight where both fighters badly needed a win, Anthony Pettis picked up a close decision win over Donald Cerrone at UFC 249.

Anthony Pettis versus Donald Cerrone, competing for the second time, is the type of fight that easily tops a Fight Night event. And everyone goes home happy and entertained. Instead, this welterweight rematch of their lightweight battle in 2013 topped the televised preliminary card of UFC 249.

Still not a bad deal, given the price tag.

Pettis had won the pair’s initial meeting, putting Cowboy down thanks to a body kick. The veteran gunslinger was out for revenge Saturday night in Jacksonville as a result. But lest we paint too serious a picture, outside of the octagon, the pair are actually friends. That’s the fight business.

Cowboy opened up with a left straight to the body and tried to start opening up quickly against Pettis. Cowboy threw a combination that backed Pettis up, but most of it didn’t land. Pettis looked a bit surprised at Cowboy’s fast pace and seemed to try and find his range as Cowboy led the dance. Cowboy threw a leg kick and Showtime responded with a clean straight right hand. Pettis then threw a leg kick that Cowboy caught and backed him up to the fence. Pettis shrugged him off and they went back to striking distance and threw a flying knee that got caught and took Pettis down. Pettis was able to shrug Cerrone off and the fight went back to the feet. Cowboy shot in with a quick combination and got blasted with a big right hand from Pettis. We then heard the horn to send us to round two.

Pettis landed a good right hand to start the round, then went up top with a head kick that landed. Pettis opened the second round as the aggressor, landing a stinging left hand as Cerrone was jumping in with a combination. Pettis went for a flying knee that missed, and Cerrone responded with a counter right hand. Pettis threw a jumping switch kick that missed, however, he did land a clean left hand on Cerrone afterward. Cerrone then dove on a takedown and was able to get Pettis down. Pettis was able to shrug Cerrone off and get to the feet and end the round standing.

Cerrone opened round three with a flush body kick. Pettis responded with a nice 1-2 that snapped Cerrone’s head back. Pettis then followed up with a nice combination, but Cowboy was going nowhere. Cerrone used a nice level change, but couldn’t get Pettis down. Pettis then landed a kick to the body but Cowboy tried to take Pettis down again to no avail. Pettis landed a nice punch that Cowboy said was an eye-poke. The official disagreed and the fight continued. Pettis started landing a big combination punctuated by a head kick. Cowboy followed up with a head kick of his own that landed clean! Pettis then stopped his flurry for a few moments and then went right back to it. Pettis and Cerrone then sat and threw down for the final ten seconds of the fight!

Anthony Pettis def. Donald Cerrone by Unanimous Decision (29-28 3x)