Video Emerges of Suspect in Anthony Smith Home Invasion, Previously Charged with Domestic Assault

Luke Haberman, Anthony Smith UFC
Luke Haberman mugshot Credit: Lancaster County Anthony Smith Credit: Mike Straus/Cageside Press

Former high school wrestling standout was charged with domestic assault in February; video emerges of second break-in attempt.

More details have begun to trickle out regarding the identity of the suspect in UFC fighter  Anthony Smith’s home invasion incident.

On April 5, the UFC light heavyweight confronted an unknown (to him) assailant who had broken into his Omaha, Nebraska home in the early hours of the morning. A wild fight ensued, which led to a bloodied suspect eventually being subdued by police. Smith, a long-serving member of the UFC roster at both middleweight and light heavyweight, has gone on record stating how surprisingly strong the much smaller man apparently was.

“I’m not lying when I said it was one of the toughest fights I’ve had in my whole life,” Smith admitted. Speaking to ESPN, he stated that “No normal human is able to fight like that. I’m by no means the baddest dude on the planet. But he’s a regular Joe and I had a hard time dealing with him. And he took everything that I gave him — every punch, every knee, every elbow. He took every single one of them and kept fighting me.”

The comments earned Smith some grief, particularly from former opponent Jon Jones, and surprisingly, UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan. Now, new video has emerged (available below), capturing the suspect on tape after a break-in attempt at another man’s home, prior to the incident at Smith’s. And as it turns out, the suspect might not exactly be a “regular Joe” after all.

The man in question, previously named by police as one Luke Haberman, can be seen on video screaming at the top of his lungs during the break in attempt — typically not something a thief in the night is likely to do. His motives remain a mystery. According to a report by 3KMTV, who also released the video above, Haberman is being investigated for breaking into area vehicles as well. Police have speculated as to whether drugs were involved.

While Douglas County police did not respond to a request for comment from Cageside Press, an online records check indicates Haberman was charged with domestic assault in the third degree following an incident in February of this year. Haberman, 21, was also a member of the Bishop Neuman High School wrestling team in Nebraska, with 128 career wins following the 2017-18 season. The put him at the top of the school, historically, for wins all-time.

Credit: Twitter

A twitter account associated with Haberman, initially viewable after the incident, has subsequently been removed, although can still be accessed via Google Cache. While there are several references to Haberman’s wrestling days, there’s no indication as to what led him down a path the culminated in breaking into a UFC fighter’s home. The account had not tweeted since late 2018, although one post read “Wtf am I doing #up #withmylife.”

Police continue to investigate the incident. Smith (33-14) had been linked to a fight Glover Teixeira later this month. However, all UFC events are now on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. sounds like this criminal young guy kicked Smiths Butt for the most part . Smith not a great fighter managed to keep him there for police without being killed. This may be a sign for smith to find another job to do other than UFC fighting. Maybe Mc donalds when they get fully kicking again. they always need a assitant manager and may pay 15 bucks a hour down the road . perfect safe place for him to go . Hopefully no young kid working there kicks hes ass during a break or a Customer .

  2. Not really. Listen to the whole interview, the fight was like 5-6 minutes long total and part way through Smith has his mother in law hand him a kitchen knife, which Smith said he was contemplating putting in the guy if another assailant came out. The kid was yelling for another person so Smith said he thought their might be another guy in the house, and they might be armed. So the real story is, Smith showed a lot of restraint by not murdering this guy who broke into his house. Most people would have probably killed the guy.

  3. Lol this little dude was on drugs.. I guarantee he would of kicked and strangled your ass and left you crying for your mommy under the kitchen table. Dumb ass

  4. You can’t even spell assistant! Look like McDonald’s might be a little much for you. Anthony smith is one of the best fighters in the world. He just fought Jon Jones for fucks sake. I am also a family man, and I can’t even imagine what him and his family are going through. You’re a fucking asshole dude! Anthony buddy, respect. I wish you all the best.

  5. In response to JJ: TD is entirely correct with his spelling, as he spelled assailant and not assistant. Are you not aware that assailant is a word? And he clearly explained what happened, just pointing out that Smith showed strength through his restraint. Maybe WWE is more your speed.

  6. Yeah, that’s a pretty harrowing story he told. Sheesh. Kinda makes you wonder if the guy would’ve stopped fighting if he’d used the right buzz words in addressing him. Sounds like intruder dude was having a mental break. He started calling for “Luke,” which is himself. Sounds like he was dissociative at the time.

  7. Anyone who has fought for his life against either a crazed or drugged individual would not have made such a judgement. The strength and the resistance to pain can be almost superhuman. Pro fighter or not, crazy on drugs can put things on a whole new level. Smith wasn’t losing, but he was astounded at how much the guy could absorb and fight back. Tthe other guy was beat up pretty bad, and taken to the hospital. Theorists and armchair experts don’t often fare well in the real world, if and when they enter it. Real life bears little resemblence to a fight in a ring.


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