Conor McGregor to Donate Over a Million Dollars in Medical Supplies to Combat Coronavirus in Ireland

    Conor McGregor
    Conor McGregor Credit: Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions

    Conor McGregor is putting his money where his mouth is. The UFC star, in a social media conversation with Irish Minister of Finance Paschal Donohoe, has revealed that he will be purchasing €1,000,000.00 euros (currently $1,087,565.00 USD) in medical supplies (protective gear) to help combat the coronavirus pandemic in his native Ireland.

    Earlier this month, McGregor revealed that his whiskey line, Proper 12, was handing over $1.3 million to first responders around the globe.

    Now, he’s turning his focus to the pandemic sweeping the planet, and threatening his home.

    The news of McGregor’s purchase came after the Irish politician reached out to McGregor, to get the MMA star’s take on what could be done to help encourage social distancing. Previously, McGregor had released a video encouraging fans to listen to health professionals, and keep their distance to help stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

    McGregor’s reply began “First, encouraging hand wash etiquette/not touching face, plus keeping distance. Then,” he added, “before the weekend I urged people to stay vigilant and stay indoors. With the weather and a drop in cases I felt temptation would be high. Then after seeing the rise in cases, plus our lax efforts in social distancing, with all our day spot locations packed the the bring, I went further and made the video.”

    But what amounted to a PSA clearly wasn’t enough, as McGregor went on to say “Today I am purchasing myself, 1 million euro worth of personal protective equipment to be deployed to all the fighting hospitals in the Leinster region. Our most affected region, to this date. St. Hames, Mater, Tallaght, Beaumont, Vincent’s. Where would we be without these brave men and women, I do not know.”

    The former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion then implored Donohoe to get “more units on the street to enforce this lockdown,” complaining that “it has been too lax!”

    “Building sites should be closed. They are open for what?” McGregor added. “We can always build again after this. In every way. But we must put Health before Wealth.” McGregor also cited a friend’s experience returning to Ireland from Thailand, where airport staff handed him a COVID-19 leaflet, “unmasked and ungloved. And let walk right out the door. Back into Ireland.” Airports, if they cannot be closed, need to be taking more stringent measures, in the fighter’s opinion.

    McGregor’s stance seems to fly directly in the face of UFC President Dana White’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic. White has insisted on doing everything he can to ensure the show goes on, and has lashed out at journalists who deem that stance reckless.

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