“Lil Monster” Demopoulos Recaps Submissions on the Shore

Long Beach, CA — She’s a stripper, she’s a fighter, she’s a BJJ practitioner. An author too. Did we miss anything? We did – commentary duties. ‘Lil Monster’ Vanessa Demopoulos is a busy girl. Last weekend, she was on commentary for Submissions on the Shore, an all-female BJJ event with some key names in Long Beach, aboard the Queen May. While the likes of Combate Americas vet Kyara Batara was on hand, it was 14-year old Trinity Pun who won the Submissions on the Shore strawweight tournament.

“Wooahhh,” ‘Lil Monster’ exclaimed, recapping the event. “This was a super-elite brown belt strawweight tournament, like we’re having the best of the best in the world up there on that stage, and you have a 14 year old orange belt, orange and black belt, crushing it! This girl won the whole thing, she just beat everybody. It was amazing to watch.”

“The control that [Pun] had, she was super calm, super composed, 100% high level professional athlete at 14. The world needs to look out because that chick is coming through, Trinity— remember that name.”

Everybody on the card, however, stood out to Demopoulos. “Everybody, honestly it was like really difficult because there was just so much explosion happening with every single match, all of these girls were getting after it.”

The show itself, she noted, was “a very EBI [Eddie Bravo Invitational] style with a lot of super fights in between, and I actually got to fight on first female EBI. So I know what that felt like talking out there and I would absolutely kind of put this in the same roundabout category which is dope because this is the first Submission on the Shore, and it was amazing.”

Demopoulos says she’ll definitely return for the next Submission on the Shore event. “Oh 100% you guys, I’ve always been a part of the jujitsu scene, that’s where I came from. I took some time off from MMA, about a 4 year layoff from MMA, just to do jujitsu. So like this is my bread and butter, my passion, my love. I’ll definitely be on the next card. Its just I was medically discharged because of my MMA fight.”

Watch our full interview with Vanessa Demopoulos above!