Cat Zingano Reveals Health Scare Led Breast Implant Removal, Shares Photo

Cat Zingano UFC
Cat Zingano Credit: Dave Mandel/

Former UFC women’s bantamweight title challenger Cat Zingano, who signed a deal with Bellator MMA last October, recently took to her Instagram page to share her first photo since having her breast implants removed.

Zingano explained that she made the decision to have the implants removed due to deteriorating health. She noted she suspected the cause for her health issues were due to her implants, and after a bit of research, determined the problem.

“This is my first photo shoot since I had my big surgery,” Zingano wrote on Instagram. “I sensed and researched [breast implant illness] a couple years ago but I didn’t believe in the severity and didn’t want to risk the change in vanity until I was watching it start to really kick my ass.

“I got sick, so sick, without explanation. I went to Dr. Lu-Jean Feng and saw/met both men and women suffering from the same implant toxicity. Some had had implants for decades, some had had implants for months. Although I loved my curves, and I don’t regret the decision to fix my breasts after I had my son, if I knew then what I know now, I’d have made different choices.”

After surgically removing her implants, Zingano saw an immediate improvement in her overall health. It has even improved the quality of her training.

“I have felt so much better since the explant,” Zingano said. “I’ve seen first hand how much worse it can get and I was extremely supported by my friend and fellow patient Shurie Cremona who can inform you much more intelligently about it.

“I’m still rehabbing my lungs, ribs, endocrine system, muscles and some other related issues, however, my close people and I can all agree that I’m doing much better than they have seen in a long long time. My training has improved ten-fold (just watch my videos) and I feel so much improvement overall. I’m told there’s so much more recovery to come too!”

Finally, Zingano issues a warning to those who have had, or are considering having surgery to receive breast implants.

“This photo shoot was about TRUE LOVE for my body and TRUE FREEDOM for my health,” Zingano wrote. “Thank you for being supportive. This was a big and intimidating decision and something that I encourage anyone with random, stubborn and undiagnosable symptoms to look up.

“It’s not just breast implants f*cking people up, it’s an immune system attack because of foreign objects being placed inside the body… look it up and see if and where it fits. Some people are completely fine with implants, some people end up dead. The FDA is now required to label implants with this caution of health risk. Do your research. Much love. Wear your scars.”