MMA Fighters Including Stipe Miocic React to Wilder vs. Fury 2

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury Credit: Top Rank Boxing

On a night with two major MMA cards, boxing took the spotlight Saturday night, with one of the biggest heavyweight cards the sport had managed to muster up in years. A rematch of their 2018 draw, Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury promised fireworks — and it certainly delivered.

Few saw it playing out exactly how it did, however. Fury, who switched trainers ahead of the fight, came in significantly heavier than his first meeting with Wilder, at 273lbs. He had promised to take the fight to Wilder, whose crushing right hand had become known as one of the most dangerous weapons in boxing.

That’s if you land it, of course. Thanks to Fury’s height, game plan, and tendency to wear his opponent down by leaning on him before piecing him up, Wilder didn’t really get the chance. Instead, he was knocked down a couple of times, beaten up and bloodied. Bleeding from the ear. Bleeding from the mouth. Blood Fury at one point tasted. Under fire in the seventh round and not answering back, Wilder’s corner finally decided enough was enough — and threw in the towel.

That gave Tyson Fury — who has flirted with the idea of a move to MMA — the TKO win. Along with The Ring and and WBC heavyweight titles, plus the lineal title.

With the MMA (and combat sports) world tuning in, see how your favorite fighters reacted below! Among those speaking out, Stipe Miocic — who appears down for a fight with Fury.


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