UFC Rio Rancho Results: Ray Borg Outclasses Rogerio Bontorin

Rogerio Bontorin and Ray Borg, UFC Rio Rancho
Rogerio Bontorin and Ray Borg, UFC Rio Rancho Face-Off Credit: Youtube/UFC

After missing weight at the scales on heading into UFC Rio Rancho, Ray Borg at least came away with the one-sided win over Rogerio Bontorin.

Ray Borg had a lot on his plate heading into his fight against Rogerio Bontorin at UFC Rio Rancho. Far more than just the fight itself. Borg, once upon a time a contender for the UFC’s flyweight title, had hit more speed bumps outside the octagon than in it in recent years. Health issues (both his and his son’s), weight issues at the scales, and just plain bad luck seemed to swarm around Borg.

UFC Rio Rancho was supposed to put that to rest. Borg was coming off a win over Gabriel Silva, at bantamweight, last year in San Antonio. The Rio Rancho card was at home, and Borg had a chance to make a triumphant return to flyweight.

Then he missed weight Friday. Something he had said would never happen again, else he’d simply retire.

That was not doubt a lot for Borg to put out of his mind, but he’d have to against Bontorin. Borg soon found himself with his back to the fence early in round one. Bontorin appeared to have the strength advantage. However, after defending a takedown Borg was able to earn one of his own. Borg landed on top, in half guard, though Bontorin was able to maneuver his opponent back into his guard. Borg dropped an elbow, and tried to step over into mount, as Bontorin scooted back to the cage. He wall-walked up, while Borg clung to his back. While working on a leg, Borg uncorked a right hand that might have caught his opponent by surprise — then got the fight back down. He’d remain in control til the end of the round.

Early in the second, Rogerio Bontorin was already fighting off a takedown attempt. While Ray Borg wasn’t able to secure his first effort, he was on a subsequent attempt. Borg then took his opponent’s back, but while he worked for a rear-naked choke, he wasn’t in position. Borg would stay on it, however. Bontorin fought the hands, but the clock was ticking away, and he was losing the round. Almost as soon as he broke free, just to make matters worse, Borg slammed him back to the canvas.

Round three opened with Bontorin pressing forward at a measured pace, backing Ray Borg up. But Borg changed levels, reversed, and secured a takedown. Soon enough, Borg had again taken his opponent’s back. Bontorin stood up with Borg still on him, carrying his opponent’s weight. Eventually they’d go back to the ground. Borg would land a hard right hand. Bontorin was looking outclassed. They’d go the distance, with Borg the clear winner.

Yet while he’d won the battle, after four misses at the scale in his UFC career, Ray Borg may have lost the war. At the very least, another flyweight fight seemed unlikely. ‘The Tazmexican Devil’ apologized for the miss following the win.

Official Result: Ray Borg def. Rogerio Bontorin by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)