UFC Rio Rancho Results: Macy Chiasson Dominates Newcomer Shanna Young

Macy Chiasson and Shanna Young, UFC Rio Rancho
Macy Chiasson and Shanna Young, UFC Rio Rancho Weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

Macy Chiasson was able to bounce back from her first career loss with a battering of the debuting Shanna Young at UFC Rio Rancho.

TUF 28 winner (at featherweight) Macy Chiasson was in action at UFC Rio Rancho on Saturday. There, the imposing fighter was looking to shake off the first loss of her career. Opposite her was a short-notice replacement in the form of Shanna Young. The Invicta FC alum was stepping in for former flyweight champ Nicco Montaño.

While Chiasson was a former featherweight who had moved down to 135lbs, Young was an ex-flyweight who had moved up. Making the contest a rather interesting affair in terms of size and strength.

Here is how the action went down:

Round 1:

Chiasson entered the match-up as the biggest favorite on the entire card and came out swinging. Young didn’t back off and hit her larger opponent with three left high kicks to the head as they both started at a frantic pace. She briefly fell to all fours but she popped up and started to press the action. The Fortis MMA product grabbed the clinch and fired off hard shots to the body of Young. She started to brutalize Young with these knees and complimented it with some dirty boxing punches. Young attempted to fire back with punches in the clinch but didn’t have much effect. Chiasson occasionally looked for some sloppy takedowns but when she couldn’t get the debutant down, she went back to the knees. It seemed like every knee threw found its mark on Young. They briefly broke apart and the Ultimate Fighter winner hit Young with a left high kick and immediately grabbed the clinch again. She went back to her brutal knees and then finally was able to take Young down. Chiasson spun behind her opponent and finished the round with some really hard ground strikes until the round end.

Young might have been saved by the bell.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-8 for Chiasson. 

Round 2:

Young started the second round with a few kicks to the body and then fired off a clean combination. She attempted a takedown but Chiasson was able to block it and then locked in a standing guillotine. Young scrambled to her feet and threw the Fortis MMA product with a whizzer trip. Chiasson quickly got back to the feet and then took Young down. The Ultimate Fighter winner briefly had Young’s back but ultimately ended up on top of Young. She kept Young’s back against the canvas and hit her with some hard elbows from on top. The New Orleans native held Young down with heavy top pressure and then postured up to tag Young with several hammerfists.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Chiasson

Round 3:

The Knoxville Martial Arts Academy team member tried to start the round with an axe kick but ended up getting her leg caught and taken to the canvas. Young attempted to roll under for a kneebar but ate several hammerfists for the attempt. She gave up her back and Chiasson looked for a rear-naked choke but Young fought it off. Chiasson put her right hook in and battered Young with strikes to the side of the head. When Young tried to work to her feet, the Ultimate Fighter winner would grab her wrist and flatten her back down. In the closing seconds, Chiasson tried to lock in a rear-naked choke as the round came to an end.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 and the fight 30-26 for Chiasson. 

Official Results: Macy Chiasson def. Shanna Young by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26).


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