Weekly MMA Prospect Report: A Handful of Prospects from Around the Globe

Mateusz Legierski
Mateusz Legierski Credit: Oktagon MMA

There’s not a ton of MMA action this week, with the focus being on the UFC’s trip to Rio Rancho in the wake of UFC 247. There’s a chance the next UFC light heavyweight contender could be selected there, but what about the rest of the MMA world?

There are a few promotions in action globally, and a handful of prospects on display. Here’s our weekly report on who to keep an eye on!

 One Pride MMA Fight Night 36 | Friday | Indonesia

Lightweight: Jeka Asparido Saragih (8-1)

After losing his first fight, Saragih has won his next eight fights finishing every fight. On the feet, he has strong kicks and is very explosive. He has problems with takedown defense but he scrambles very well. Saragih is even better on the mat who has active ground and pound and decent enough jiu-jitsu. He fights Angga Hans (9-2).

Eagles Next Level | Saturday | Moldova

Featherweight: Valeriu Mircea (25-5-1)

Valeriu Mircea started off his MMA career with a padded record. His first eight opponents were lower-tier fighters. Lately though, he’s fought better competition with names like Djamil Chan and Anton Kuivanen sticking out. The Moldovan is aggressive, though at times he can be too aggressive and tire himself out. He’s got a big overhand right and slicing elbows. He has decent wrestling and a good ground game but on the feet is where he’s really dangerous. He fights Martun Mezhlumyan (8-1).

Featherweight: Martun Mezhlumyan (8-1)

Martun Mezhlumyan seems to be a promising prospect but fight footage does lack on the young Armenian fighter. He did impress in his last fight though in December. He had that killer instinct from the bell to the finish. Throwing output from the beginning Mezhlumyan really loved to throw his lead elbow over and over. He also mixed in three takedowns as well and landed even more heavy elbows. He fights Valeriu Mircea (25-5-1)

Oktagon Prime 3 | Saturday | Slovakia

Lightweight: Mateusz Legierski (5-0)

Mateusz Legierski is a young (23) Polish fighter who is a fun fighter with a 100% finish rate. He has some decent wrestling and is a threat on the mat, but is arguably a much more dangerous striker. Legierski has big power in both his hands and besides that he throws very nice inside and outside leg kicks. He does get taken down when he shouldn’t but always gets back to his feet. He fights Miroslav Štrbák (18-9-1).

Featherweight: Vojto Barborik (11-1)

Currently on a nine-fight win streak, Vojto Barborik’s only loss is to a good fighter in Tomas Deak. Barborik is primarily a wrestler who chains together his takedown attempts well. He’s a monster on top with active and heavy ground and pound. He’s very sound with nasty elbows and heavy hammer fist. Barborik doesn’t have many TKO stoppages as eight of his wins are via submission. He fights Elison Gonçalvez (8-6).

Featherweight: Ludovit Klein (15-2)

Ludovit Klein has plenty of experience with 17 pro fights at a young age and some wins over good competition. He has a background in boxing being an amateur boxing champion of Slovakia. On the feet, he has a good jab and a dangerous head kick. At times he needs to throw more follow-ups but still at least throws steady output. Klein has some solid wrestling also and he mixes it in together well. He’s a fun fighter who honestly is improving in each fight. He fights former UFC fighter, Łukasz Sajewski (14-5).