UFC Raleigh Results: Bevon Lewis Grapples Way to Victory Over Dequan Townsend

Bevon Lewis UFC Raleigh
Bevon Lewis, UFC Raleigh Weigh-In Credit: Bryson Hester/Cageside Press

Bevon Lewis earned his first UFC win in three outings at UFC Raleigh on Saturday.

A hiccup with USADA seemed to but Dequan Townsend’s participation at UFC Raleigh in question. But after getting what amounted to a slap on the wrist after testing positive for cocaine and fentanyl metabolites, Townsend was in the clear to take on Bevon Lewis on the Fight Night card Saturday.

The middleweight pairing was the featured fight Saturday night at the PNC Arena.

Lewis came out quick and caught a kick from Townsend and unleashed a flurry of punches then worked in the clinch. The two broke and Lewis continued to press the action as he backed Townsend into the cage. After a quick exchange that saw Townsend eat some shots, the two worked inside the clinch again. Back to the center of the cage, Lewis continued to stalk Townsend. Townsend spun and took center where he landed a hard uppercut followed by a knee to the body. Lewis moved into the clinch and two worked against the cage again. Lewis landed a hook and a knee on the break and two continued to exchange. Lewis landed a hard left that backed up Townsend for a moment but Townsend continued to move forward and landed a nice combination to close out the round.

Lewis landed a solid left early in the second but Townsend rushed forward with combination and body kick. Lewis grabbed a clinch and backed Townsend into the cage where the two worked for position. The pair broke and continued to exchange on their feet before Lewis again got the clinch and worked Townsend against the cage. Lewis dropped for the take down before he changed his mind and threw a knee to the body. Townsend spun free and the two men exchanged again. Lewis landed a leg kick before once again locking in the clinch and putting Townsend into the cage.

In the third, Townsend moved forward but Lewis fired off a flurry that Townsend moved away from. Townsend landed a hard leg kick that looked to have hurt Lewis and caused him to rush forward for the clinch again. The two worked against the cage and Lewis looked for the take down that Townsend defended. But Lewis was able to take his back for a moment before Townsend broke free and the two exchanged in the middle of the cage. Lewis put together a few combinations as he again rushed forward and pressed Townsend into cage. Townsend broke free and looked to land a right that Lewis slid away from before he again went for the clinch. Townsend pushed him away before he moved forward and looked to land a head kick. Lewis slid away from the kick and moved in for the clinch before he changed levels and looked for the take down before he moved back to the clinch and two exchanged inside the clinch to end the round.

Official Result: Bevon Lewis def. Dequan Townsend by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)