UFC Busan Results: Charles Jourdain Knocks Out Returning Doo Ho Choi

Charles Jourdain UFC
Charles Jourdain Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Canada’s Charles Jourdain won one for the red and white in South Korea, stopping the ‘Korean Superboy’ Doo Ho Choi in a thrilling back-and-forth battle at UFC Busan.

After nearly a year away, Doo Ho Choi took advantage of a South Korean card to pick up a fight while still serving out his mandatory military service in South Korea. His opponent at UFC Busan, Canada’s Charles Jourdain, who lost his short-notice debut back at UFC Rochester in May.

Choi backed the Canadian up to the fence early, but Jourdain broke free. Out in the open they’d trade, Jourdain finding success with his uppercut, and launching a wild flying knee. Choi answered back, doing a little damage to the nose of Jourdain. Two minutes in, a counter-punch wobbled Jourdain. He seemed to recover quickly, firing a high kick. Choi answered with a kick to the leg, then clipped Jourdain again! Jourdain tumbled to the mat, sitting back in guard, trying to tie up Choi was he got on top. Jourdain was soon looking for an upkick, or arm-bar. He’d work his way back up, only to eat a spinning back fist that landed with an audible crack. In the final minute, however, it was Jourdain coming on, landing a flying knee followed by a punch that sent Choi down!

Having survived the round, Choi and Jourdain went right back at it in the second. No scares through the opening two minutes, but plenty of action with both men landing. As the round wore on, however, Jourdain found himself retreating from Choi’s right hand. He’d regroup and go on the attack himself, adding in an uppercut. Choi would fire a jump knee, but Jourdain survived. He went on the attack again late, with another flying knee attack of his own. Before time could wind down, Jourdain fired a left hand that dropped Choi! Some extra strikes as Choi covered up, and that was it!

After the fight Jourdain called out to “Uncle Dana” for a post-fight bonus, in the hopes of moving out of his parent’s basement.

Official Result: Charles Jourdain def. Doo Ho Choi by TKO, Round 2, 4:32