UFC 245’s Alexander Volkanovski: “I’m Used to 250lb Guys, and Now I Fight Featherweights”


Featherweight title challenger Alexander Volkanovski feels he can bring about the end of the Blessed Era at UFC 245 on Saturday.

Las Vegas, NV — In the co-main event of UFC 245, Alexander Volkanovski will be the latest challenger looking to bring an end to the Blessed Era. Volkanosvski will look to succeed where names like Jose Aldo, Brian Ortega, and Frankie Edgar have failed.

He may have an advantage coming in, however. The former Rugby player told Cageside Press at the UFC 245 media day Thursday that he’s used to competing against much, much larger men. “I’m used to 250lb guys,” he said in reference to his Rugby days, “and now I fight featherweights.”

Of course, the featherweight in question this weekend is one of the best ever. But, said Volkanovski, “I guarantee you I’m there. I’m ready for this fight, 100%. I definitely believe I’m the guy to take out Max. He’s a great champion, great fighter, but stylistically, I believe I’m more than the man to do the job. I believe I’m the man to do the job for anyone in our division at the moment.”

Ahead of the bout, Holloway has still floated the idea of moving up in weight. Or trying his hand at boxing. Volkanovski, however, does not believe ‘Blessed’ is distracted. “I don’t think so,” he said of the notion. “He’s a motivated guy, you can see. Obviously to have cardio, a gas tank like that, he’s always pushing himself in the gym.”

Being able to work game plans like Holloway does, Volkanovski added, “he’s always eager to get out there and get the job done. He’s got that drive, no matter what he does. Whatever job is in front of him, he’s going to focus 100%.”

“There’s plenty of minutes in the day, plenty of hours in the day to talk about what’s ahead,” the Australian elaborated. “But let’s be real, he’s been talking about moving up. He cuts a lot of weight. That’s obviously on his mind. I don’t mean this disrespectfully, I know I’ve said it a few times — I will make that decision easier for him.”

“I plan on taking that belt. He’s going to feel that strength, he’s going to feel that ‘alright, this guy’s the real deal, I didn’t want to be in the featherweight division anyway,'” Volkanovski continued. “Again he’s a great champion, maybe his future’s in lightweight, or boxing. But right now I think it’s my time.”

“I do believe the Blessed era ends Saturday night, and that’s no disrespect to him, it’s just my time.”

Watch our full UFC 245 media day interview with featherweight title challenger Alexander Volkanovski above!


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