Lyman Good Hoping for Crack at Top 10 Following UFC 244 Performance

With a third-round TKO of Chance Rencountre at UFC 244, Lyman Good hopes to get a crack at top-ten level fighters.

New York, NY — Lyman Good is a former Bellator welterweight champion, who has fought some of the best in the sport of MMA. At UFC 244, he got a chance to fight at home in New York, defeating the surging Chance Rencountre and bouncing back from a loss to Demian Maia.

“You’re only as good as your last fight. I’m very pleased with my performance, to have that as my last performance,” Good told reporters including Cageside Press following the fight.

More importantly, Good added, “it’s also to make a statement. I’d like to get a crack at top ten level fighters. I hope with that performance I’m able to prove that I belong in the top ten eventually.”

Good became the first person to finish Chance Rencountre, dating back to his amateur career. “I think it’s about statements. The best statement you can make is to be able to be the first to do something to someone that’s not been done before,” Good said of the accomplishment.

Confidence is key for Good, who admits he’s struggled mentally in the past. “I felt it even before this fight to be honest. I think one of the things I have a hard time with is just the right mindset going into fights. My tools, my skill set, my abilities are always there,” he said, “but sometimes if I don’t have my head right for that night, it shows. I feel like I’ve lost in the past to people I should have beaten. Now it’s a matter of just tightening that up, and truly believing in yourself.”

That’s something his coaches push him to do. And he understands, fully the importance of it. “There’s nobody more dangerous than somebody who truly believes they’re unstoppable.” The right headspace, he added, is as important as your hands going into a fight.

Good didn’t want to comment on which fights he felt he should have won. But asked about a rematch with Ben Askren, who defeated Good in Bellator for the 170lb title there, Good answered “there you go. That’s one of the fights I’m talking about.”

Watch the full UFC 244 post-fight press scrum with Lyman Good above!