Invicta FC 37: Gonzalez vs. Sanchez Results and Recap

Pearl Gonzalez and Brogan Sanchez Invicta FC 37
Pearl Gonzalez and Brogan Sanchez Credit: Dave Mandel/Invicta FC

Pearl Gonzalez was looking to return to the win column as she headlined Invicta FC 37 against Brogan Sanchez Friday night.

Invicta FC 37 was scheduled to go down Friday, October 4 in Kansas City, Kansas — but without it’s original main event.

The all-female fighting promotion headed by Shannon Knapp had booked an atomweight title fight between Jinh Yu Frey and Ashley Cummins, but that fell through as a result of an injury to the champ. So instead, Pearl Gonzalez vs. Brogan Sanchez was elevated to the main event, a fun flyweight scrap at the least.

Gonzalez had made the most of her time with Invicta, working her way to a title shot before falling to Vanessa Porto. The 33-year old Chicago native was 3-1 since exiting the UFC, and would be looking to bounce back from her title fight loss when she faced Sanchez.

Sanchez, for her part, was looking to keep a perfect 6-0 record intact at the event.

Notable names including Kay Hansen and Lindsey VanZandt were also in action Saturday, while Jordan Kaaze was set to make her pro debut after a successful amateur career. Tune in come fight time for full results and a recap of the night’s action!

Invicta FC 37: Gonzalez vs. Sanchez Results

Flyweight: Pearl Gonzalez def. Brogan Sanchez via unanimous decision (30-27 3x)

A whirlwind first round kicked off our main-event. Pearl Gonzalez shot across the cage and ate two right hands en route to looking for a takedown. Sanchez would counter and get Gonzalez back briefly before Gonzalez worked her way to full guard. Sanchez would then battle out of it before getting hip tossed. She again worked her way to her feet, before getting taken down again to end the first round.

The two decided to spend the first half of the round trading shots. Gonzalez kept going upstairs with her high kick and landing the right hand. While Sanchez kept looking for the lowkey, that was until Gonzalez went for another hip toss, this one would fail. Sanchez would end up on top, and look for an armbar, however, that wouldn’t come as Gonzalez would reverse to get into guard. She then rode out the rest of round two on top.

The two opened the third by both vying for position along the fence. However, Gonzalez would be the one to score the takedown and moving into full guard. She would then land some brutal elbows to Sanchez and would have much success on top for the duration of the round. Sanchez would get up with seconds to go, but it was too late.

Flyweight: Mariya Agapova def. Marilia Santos via TKO, (4:55) of Round 1.

A fun scrap while it lasted, Mariya Agapova and Marila Santos came out throwing hooks that would make Wanderlei Silva blush to start the fight. Agapova would look to throw some nice kicks as well before Santos shockingly pulled guard. Santos would look for an armbar off of her back, but Agapova would slip out. She would then slip into side control, and start landing some elbows from hell that forced Santos to cover up. The referee would then wave off the fight in the final seconds of round one.

Two months, two wins for Mariya Agapova.

Strawweight: Kay Hansen def. Nicolle Caliari via guillotine, (1:14) of Round 3.

Kay Hansen fighting in what seems like her millionth fight of the year earned a dominating victory over newcomer Nicolle Caliari. Hansen dominated the fight, from the beginning to the end. She quickly got the back in round one and looked for the choke, a common theme. The third round would be when she got the finish, however, as she would get the mount following a takedown and would sink in a deep guillotine, forcing Caliari to tap.

Hansen is one of the best examples of a fighter showcasing improvement from fight to fight.

Atomweight: Lindsey VanZandt def. Shino VanHoose via TKO (leg-kick), (:39) of Round 1.

These two came out throwing heat as soon as the fight began. VanZandt landed a heavy leg kick, before landing a clean right that made VanHoose back off. VanHoose then ate a heavy leg kick as she came in again, and that was all it took. She went down and the fight is over, sad for VanHoose, but VanZandt has some powerful kicks.

Atomweight: Linda Mihalec def. Marisa Messer-Belenchia via unanimous decision (30-27 2x, 29-28)

Linda Mihalec and Marisa Messer-Belenchia put on a war. The first round as completely in control of MMB until the final seconds after a takedown, hower Mihalec would reverse to end up on top. The second round was a similar story, however, after a failed north-south choke attempt by MMB, Mihalec would get the full mount and nearly get the finish with strikes. However, the referee would let the fight see a third round, a third-round which would be a grueling clinch battle. After a rough 15 minutes, the winner turned out to be Linda Mihalec.

Bantamweight: Hope Chase def. Megan Cawley via rear-naked-choke, (3:28) of Round 1.

A completely dominating performance by Hope Chase. Chase came out looking fired up, throwing a flurry right as the fight began. She would quickly get the takedown and start landing ruthless ground and pound. Cawley would go for an armbar, however, she wouldn’t be able to get it and gave up her back in the process. Chase then landed some big strikes, and get the back, and look for the choke. Not much longer, she would get the choke, and the win.

Flyweight: Claire Johnson def. Jordan Kaaze via armbar, (2:20) of Round 3.

Claire Johnson and Jordan Kaaze helped kick off the card in a battle of debutants. Johnson would quickly get the takedown in round one, a peek at what was to come. She would dominate the first round, however, she failed to get out of half-guard, despite landing ground and pound. The second round began with another takedown, one again Kaaze failed to get out from Johnson’s heavy top pressure. Johnson moved to side control and land brutal elbows, however, she couldn’t get the finish.

She did get the finish in the third round, however. She got another early takedown, and after a failed reversal attempt by Kaaze, she locked up the armbar and got the tap.