Bellator 228: Weber Almeida Sees Fighting Akin to Composing Music

Putting notes to paper, putting hands on an opponent — they’re more similar than you might think. At least, Bellator 228 bantamweight Weber Almeida sees fighting like making music.

Los Angeles, CA — Weber Almeida improved to 3-0 on Saturday at Bellator 228, with two of those wins now in the Bellator cage. Finishing opponent Castle Williams early in the second via TKO, Almeida was absolutely beaming post fight.

Speaking to Cageside Press and other meida outlets post-fight, Almeida explained how he approaches fighting.

“I try to enjoy each moment of my life. I think the secret of my happiness is to put my heart there. Put my heart [in it], because I love to fight,” he explained.

The bantamweight is also a musician, proficient at both the piano and flute. And that is something he takes into the cage. “When I fight, a fight for me is like music. Because I’m a muscian too. It’s like music. The paper is white, and I just fill [it], put each note in the same place to become music.

That’s how Almeida sees the cage, and each attack, strike or submission, could be seen as the notes. Poetic, really.

On opponent Castle Williams, Almeida was gracious. “My opponent was a really tough guy. I’m so glad to fight someone like him. And he looks like a nice guy, too.”

“Between rounds, he said ‘let’s go get this bro!'” To Almeida, he took it to mean “let’s show the people the best fight in the world.”

Almeida was certainly surprised as Williams’ toughness as the end of the first round. Almeida had his opponent under fire, coming close to stopping it then.

“I was thinking he would give up, you know? But he didn’t. I said ‘wow, the guy is so tough, man!’ But I used my full strength.” That, and his coaches, who he also thanked Saturday.

Almeida trains with Black House MMA, who had a number of fighters gearing up for fights this week — most notably Lyoto Machida, who fought in the main event of Bellator 228.

“For me it’s an honor fighting on the same card as Lyoto,” said Almeida. “I want to represent my country, my city. Lyoto for me is a legend, and I am a huge fan.”

With so many guys at Black House prepping for fights, “it’s like we are in a war, and we are together,” he added.

Watch the full Bellator 228 post-fight press scrum with Weber Almeida above!