LXF 3: Kyra Batara Discusses Making the Jump from Fighting to Commentating Role, Wrestling


On a three-fight win streak, former Combate Americas star Kyra Batara’s latest MMA venture isn’t a fight, but rather on the mic.

Commerce, CA — Kyra Batara was one of the bigger names on the women’s side for Hispanic MMA outfit Combate Americas, so it was a bit of a surprise to see her released earlier this year. Now, ‘Mogwai,’ who holds an 8-4 record in the cage, is expanding her horizons. Over the weekend, she picked up the mic for LXF, which hosted LXF 3 at the Commerce Casino Ballroom.

Speaking to Cageside Press, Batara said that “I wanted to take a break from MMA. I had a concussion last year, I got released from Combate. I wanted something new. Met a guy, fell in love, went into the pro wrestling route. Had my first match, we had a tag team together. I fell in love with wrestling.”

“I still want to fight, I want to get a few more under my belt,” she admitted. She’s currently a free agent. “But tonight I had my debut making in-ring interviews, so that was exciting. I’m hoping I see a future in that.”

Batara has been in front of the camera plenty of times before, of course. “I’ve always been camera happy and love being in front of the camera and being in front of people, kind of have all lights on me,” she said. Plus, “it’s nice to not get punched in the face for once.”

However, the atomweight admitted that “it’s a different world. I’m so used to just mentally preparing in the back. I play card games with my brother in the back, I’ll watch Netflix in the back.”

“Here the whole time, I felt like I was more nervous for this than any MMA fight that I had. It’s a different world,” she reiterated, “but I feel like with 13 years under my belt with MMA experience, it came pretty natural for me.”

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