UFC 242 Results: Don Madge Grinds to Decision Victory Against Fares Ziam

Don Madge, UFC Moncton UFC 242 weigh-in
Don Madge UFC Moncton Weigh-In Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Don Madge relied on his clinch work and takedowns to defeat UFC newcomer Fares Ziam, as Madge won a unanimous decision in a clinch-heavy affair on the UFC 242 Fight Pass prelims.

In the opening bout of UFC 242, South Africa’s Don Madge welcomes UFC newcomer Fares Ziam to the Octagon at 155-pounds.

Madge (8-3-1) impressed in his UFC debut 11 months ago, when he knocked out fellow prospect Te Edwards in the second round as a heavy underdog. Madge entered the contest with five straight wins, capturing the EFC Worldwide lightweight title along the way. The 28-year-old has finished all of his eight victories so far, five via knockout and three via submission.

Ziam (10-2) took the bout on three weeks notice. The “Smile Killer” has won his last five prior to UFC 242, finishing four of those five bouts. The French lightweight has been fighting professionally since he was 17-years-old. The 22-year-old has finished 90% of his wins, 40% by knockout and 50% via submission. You can read more about Ziam here!

Round 1:

The fighters touched gloves to start the fight. Madge pressured Ziam early and managed to clinch the Frenchman against the cage. Ziam managed to reverse position but Madge reversed it back into his favour straight away. Both men battled for position against the cage and then Ziam held Madge against the cage and landed a short elbow. Madge landed his own short strike and attempted a takedown, but Ziam defended well. Madge landed a knee but the referee broke them up shortly after. Madge landed a body kick and then clinched once again, but the balance of Ziam was on display as he managed to stay on his feet. Both men battled as they pushed each other up against the cage to end the first round.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Madge. 

Round 2:

Madge charged forward early in the second round and threw a combination to get Ziam against the cage. Ziam landed his own elbow and put Madge against the cage. Madge managed to escape and Ziam threw some strikes but Madge clinched Ziam up again looking for a body lock. However, Ziam’s length allowed the 22-year-old to stay on his feet. Madge landed a punch to the body and then looked for the body lock once again but Ziam defended well. Ziam managed to get space briefly but Madge was able to get the clinch once again. The referee separated the fighters with a minute left but both men clinched again shortly after. Madge managed to get his first takedown but only had twenty seconds in top position.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Madge. 

Round 3:

The final round started just like the first two, as Madge clinched Ziam straight away. Both men landed knee strikes in the clinch and Madge attempted another takedown that Ziam managed to defend. Madge kept attempting takedowns but couldn’t get top position throughout the first three minutes of the final round. Ziam attempted a Kimura but Madge defended and landed a knee as Ziam stood back up. Ziam threw a combination but Madge managed to get the double leg takedown with over one minute left. Madge landed strikes on the ground and managed to pass to half guard. Madge mounted Ziam briefly but the round ended shortly after.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Madge (30-27 Madge)

Official Result: Don Madge def. Fares Ziam via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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