Bellator 225: Fresh Off Fastest Submission, Aviv Gozali Ready to Break More Records


Aviv Gozali had a picture-perfect fight at Bellator 225, immediately rolling for a heel hook and getting it in just 11 seconds to set the promotion’s record for the fastest submission.

Bridgeport, CT – Aviv Gozali could not have asked for a better fight at Bellator 225. The Israeli fighter came right out and submitted Eduard Muravitskiy with a heel hook in seconds to break the Bellator record for fastest submission. To be breaking records in just your third career fight is quite an accomplishment.

“It’s my first record that I’ve broken, and there’s many to come. It’s only my third fight and I’m already breaking records. It’s amazing. I’m really excited for my career and I have a long way to go.”

The rolling heel hook has been in the back pocket of Gozali for a while, and he finally found the right opportunity for it here.

“We trained for this move plenty. I wanted to use it in my first and second fight, but I wasn’t comfortable enough to do it. It was a feeling in this one.”

The submission also allowed Gozali to take a significant step in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

“He almost got out, but I blocked it. I work hard on the leg locks. In my last fight, I went for a leg lock and didn’t get the submission, but it worked out. Now I got my brown belt after the fight from Renzo Gracie.”

Bellator is set to have an event in Israel in November, and it will also be the final fight in the career of Aviv’s father, Haim Gozali. While it will be a celebration of the elder Gozali’s career, Aviv plans on stealing the show.

“My next fight is going to be on November 14 in Israel, my hometown. It’s going to be amazing over there. I’m going to fight right before my father. So for Israel, I’m going to break another record. Eight or nine [seconds].”

Check out the rest of Aviv Gozali’s Bellator 225 scrum above!


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